The Bellini Camaleonda: a Piece Destined to Transform Your Living Room

The Camaleonda sofa by Mario Bellini undoubtedly became a contemporary classic. The 35 x 35 inches seat module became the cornerstone for an astonishingly ingenious design that sought to push the advantages of modernism to a limit beyond the known and traditional. Its impact was so positive that the original project was maintained and faithfully reproduced through the years, including the seat backs and arms.

The popularity of this design led to what usually happens with famous products: quite respectable replicas began to appear very soon. Currently, people look for in a Camaleonda sofa replica the great comfort and ergonomics that the authentic product can offer to the user and also the same and amazing technical properties that represented an innovation born from the ingenuity of Mario Bellini in 1970, with its cable system, hooks, and rings. Such a system allows the modules to be unhooked and re-combined as required by the user, which makes it a kind of “resettable” piece.

In addition to being an excellent option for lovers of the Mid-Century Modern style, especially for those who constantly seek to renew the face of their living room’s layout (considering that it can be transformed into a sectional, a sofa bed, or any other configuration you need), Bellini Camaleonda sofa is also a product with a very pleasant minimalist aesthetic, which is still very current and compatible with the most current decorating trends.

The best news is that people who want to experience the benefits and advantages of having this piece can do so thanks to replicas such as the one from Manhattan Home Design, whose price is far from the authentic Camaleonda Sofa Price. It’s an incredibly similar piece that even emulates its abundant polyurethane padding with its characteristic quilted effect and all its modular properties.

You can hook and unhook the sofa modules most conveniently, renewing your floor plan’s shape over and over and again, transforming it, and re-adapting it to give a new spirit and a new face to your living room.

3 Easy Tricks To Decorate Your Living Room From Scratch (I/II)

In the previous blog, we explained how to choose the furniture and we explained how an LC3 replica sofa can be a great option when you are choosing them. Now is the time to continue with other tips for decorating your house from the beginning.

Take into account your lifestyle when distributing the spaces

Another of the most common doubts when decorating the interior of a home is how to distribute the spaces. For this, you must take into account the lifestyle you have. For example, if you are a person who likes to bring guests home then you should have rooms equipped with appropriate furniture. The LC3 replica sofa that we mentioned above is perfect for areas like this because it offers a wide and comfortable space. In addition, being lined with leather makes it more durable and resistant.

On the other hand, if you are a freelancer or simply work from home due to the pandemic, it is necessary to set up an office in a space where there is so much flow of people.

So plan well where each item will go and you will save a lot of time!

Use wallpapers and visit flea shops

These two tips help a lot when saving time and money! Choose wallpaper with eye-catching patterns and view flea shop to find treasures for one low price.

3 Easy Tricks To Decorate Your Living Room From Scratch (I/II)

Decorating a home from scratch sounds really challenging, right? It is normal for us to get overwhelmed with the entire process of fully furnishing a home from scratch. You have to take into account the color palette, furniture, curtains, rugs, and any other factors. However, there are certain tricks or tips that can help make this process much more bearable. 

Today we will show those certain infallible tricks and furniture such as the LC3 sofa to optimally organize and distribute your interior decoration. Let us begin!

Choose the furniture according to your needs

One of the best ways to start your decorating process is by choosing the furniture. Furniture is usually the one that gives meaning to the interior of the house. Through it,  it’s possible to demonstrate your style and character.

When choosing it, you must take into account your needs and tastes. If, for example, you like a modern and sophisticated style, a good sofa like the LC3 replica sofa can be an excellent option. On the other hand, if you have few family members at home, a loveseat is an incredible option.

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Clean A Leather Sofa With These Tips: Stains Removal (I/II)

In case you haven´t read the last blog, we recommend you to check and learn how to disinfect a sofa.

Now is the time to show you how you can disappear one of the biggest nightmares for any sofa owner; the stains!

The procedure that we will teach you below should be applied to pieces such as the Togo sofa, which is a fabric sofa with padded and multi-density covers, which means, pieces exclusively made of fabric.

Swipe down and start scoring this foolproof stain remover recipe!

Before applying any substance it is important to previously prepare the sofa, vacuuming it or wiping it with a dry cloth to remove dust.

Then combine the following ingredients in a bottle or bowl:

 2 cups of distilled water, 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, and a little vinegar.

The above substance should be applied with a microfiber cloth. Dip said cloth in the previous solution and squeeze out the excess so that the cloth does not remain dripping.

With the damp cloth, gently wipe the stained area and then blot with another clean, dry cloth.

Little by little you will see how the spots will disappear!

Find out what your foolproof guide is to remove stains.

The Togo Sofa & Aromatherapy Will Help You To Create A Meditation Corner

Meditation spaces have increased in popularity over the last two years, this is to be expected due to their broad benefits related to mental and spiritual health.

During these times where chaos rules the world thanks to the pandemic situation, staying calm is an essential factor for keeping us straight! This is why today we have compiled certain relevant elements for the configuration of a space that allows you to meditate, relax and connect with yourself. Let us begin!

Choose furniture like the Togo sofa

The Togo sofa is a low sofa that has a very comfortable and welcoming structure. This sofa is also composed of thick cushions that function as thick support for the user.

The good thing that this sofa is not like the conventional one that we usually see in most decorations is that it is at a height very close to the ground, with the objective that you feel connected with your surroundings.

Implement aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is based on the use of essential oils such as lavender and vanilla, aromatic candles, and incense. These in order to bring us to a state of calm through the pleasant smell that emerges from these products

Clean A Leather Sofa With These Tips: Disinfection (I/II)

Having classic pieces inside your house entails certain additional tasks such as their maintenance. When acquiring a piece such as the Florence Knoll sofa or any other classic furniture icon, you must start early to give it due care and thus achieve a longer useful life.

Today we have compiled certain techniques and very useful tips that will help you own your Florence Knoll sofa or any other classic piece lined with leather that you want to take care of for much longer.

Due to the time of pandemic that we are living in, it is not only important to disinfect our hands but also our surroundings, that is why we will start with the tips for disinfecting a leather sofa such as the Florence Knoll sofa.

Note: Use these suggestions only on leather material, not cloth.

  • Create your own cleaning solution. These can be prepared in different ways, but one of the most effective is to combine water and vinegar in equal parts.
  • Transfer the solution to a bottle.
  • Prepare the sofa by removing the dust, and any particles that are on the surface, with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Using a spray nozzle, spray the solution on the sofa and begin cleaning the dirty areas with a cloth.
  • After cleaning dirty areas, use another dry cloth to clean and finish the procedure.

The Shell Chair: Its Interesting History & Few Facts

Today we will tell you a little about the Danish design that has become more popular in recent years; the Shell chair.

The Shell chair is a chair that intrigues from the first instance due to its authentic appeal. This three-legged beauty, believe it or not, took more than 35 years to be truly appreciated as it was a revolutionary design and could not be seen as normal.

Brief background

Hans Wegner was the creator of this fantastic piece that was introduced in 1963 but was formally introduced in 1948. This design was something to talk about due to its innovative way of molding from plywood.

The three-legged Shell chair officially debuted at a Danish furniture exhibition in 1963. An interesting fact is that its futuristic and avant-garde structure did not appeal to the public despite the fact that critics loved it. Mass production stopped!

Years later, according to Merchant & Makers, in 1997 a few Shell chairs were auctioned at Sotheby’s, London, for £ 20,000. The story changed drastically! Returning to production, he enjoyed a breakthrough in the design industry.


The shape of the Shell chair is ascetic, yet elegant and striking. The floating features and lightness made it popular within Sacndivian design. It has plywood accents and cushions made of leather.

Comment below what you think about the Shell chair.

3 Reasons Why The Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa May Be The Most Suitable Model For You

It’s often easy to talk about the midcentury sofa of your dreams because you saw it in a decorating magazine or furniture store and thought: “This would look great in my living room.”

To tell the truth, the world of sofas is so diverse, interesting, and surprising that sometimes choosing the right model becomes a complicated matter. However, if you choose a Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa, these are three of the most important reasons why it might be the most suitable for you:

  1. It’s a durable sofa. For many people, this reason alone is enough to choose a model, without hesitation. Having a durable sofa will guarantee you a long-term investment and many hours of relaxation. Plus, the Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa will still look as good as the day you bought it.
  2. Its caramel color upholstery. This is a very particular feature, which you won’t find in all models, and it makes it an amazing, quite appealing, and elegant piece that can look great with many types of decorating styles and color palettes.
  3. It’s really comfortable. The dimensions of a modern sofa are one of the keys to all the comfort and ergonomics it can provide. The Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa is not only generous in its dimensions and materials but also the pleasant cushioning provided by its dense seats. It’s the ideal type of sofa for demanding users.

Types Of Furniture Stores You Can Choose When Decorating Your House (II/II)

In the previous blog we talked about the two most popular types of stores in the world of furniture; the replica and the brand. The decision between these two will depend on your budget. Taking the same example above, if you want to buy a Womb chair in a more affordable but good quality way, you should look for replica stores like Manhattan Home Design or Barcelona Designs.

Now what if you want to check only the discounted parts? Well, discover that there is also a specific option for that! Discount department stores are the ones that offer this option. As you read it! These department stores have affordable furniture that you can easily buy common pieces of. Keep in mind that in case of being designer pieces like the Womb chair, it is better to go to the original or replica store. In addition, not everything is rosy … In these stores, being so popular, you have to buy very quickly, since you cannot last long in the stores.

Office supply stores

These tents are perfect when you want to furnish your home office or your office in general. Here you can find desks, storage furniture, office chairs.

Types Of Furniture Stores You Can Choose When Decorating Your House (I/II)

Believe it or not, there are endless options you can choose from when decorating your home. Not only is it possible to find a variety of pieces of furniture but it is also possible to choose between the types of furniture stores. But why is this important? Well, imagine that you want to acquire a Womb chair which is recognized for being a classic piece within the mid-century style, which store do you turn to? A little difficult to answer, no? This is because it is necessary to have a brief notion of the types of store and thus not waste so much time browsing or going to different physical stores. Today we will show you

Taking the same previous example of the Womb chair, it can be purchased in two types of stores: brand and replica. Brand stores are usually venues where they only sell parts from the same manufacturer, so if you have a lot of confidence in a specific brand, you can buy furniture and accessories there. On the other hand, in replica stores you can find high-end or low-end pieces that have different materials and more affordable prices. 

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