2021 Home Decor Trends You Can Easily Include In Your Home (II/II)

In the previous post, we talked about one of the options you can choose to add that luxury livable 2021 trend. We also mentioned the Florence Knoll armchair and how can you arrange these aniline leather pieces that have been so iconic from its launch. 

Don’t forget about enhancing the corners

Have you ever felt stuck in an awkward corner? The solution is simple! Try to improve by creating a reading corner or simply a place with natural elements, or even both. You can try placing a Florence Knoll chair with a beautiful long cactus on one side and decorating it with a beautiful arched lamp on the other. The length and material of the lamp are key to achieving the sophisticated style that you want so much. In case you current design match with metallic material, you should select it. The polished metallic shine gives that vibe that is now a trend.

Include textures in your chair and pillows

When decorating, don’t forget about adding fluffy o soft textures to the accents in the home. You can include them in rugs, throw pillows, etc. 

2021 Home Decor Trends You Can Easily Include In Your Home (I/II)

2021 is passing faster than ever, don’t you think? And along with this, the trends are taking hold faster and faster. The quarantine has made us reconsider the way we arrange our furniture and decorate our interiors. Now, the trend is converging to a point where functionality and durability are the priority. Things like livable luxury and texture details are some of the main features that the 2021 designs will bring with them. Today we will introduce you to how you can recreate a luxury livable design with a Florence Knoll armchair and other elements. We will also detail a little more to you about the trends in terms of home accents and color scheme. Let us begin!

Choose stylish and functional furniture

The key to do this is selecting pieces that evoke elegance without breaking the bank, combine the high with the and the old with the new. For example, you can select a Florence Knoll armchair high-end replica and mix it with a modern sofa. This combination will create a balance within your layout.

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The Flag Halyard Chair: 3 Keys About Its Originality

The Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Chair has long been among the most amazing, recognized, popular, and best-selling modern pieces within the MCM group of designs that gained the most attention during its heyday. One of the greatest attributes of this piece is its originality, and these are three keys that explain it further:

  1. Its sheepskin cover. This is an element that you won’t find in all chairs similar to this one. The Australian sheepskin covering the back and seat was strategically added to provide a more soft feel.
  2. Its flag line. How the flag line is woven to form the seat and the backrest is inspired by the freshness and relaxation that beach chairs offer. Even the closest knock-offs, such as the Flag Halyard Chair reproduction by Manhattan Home Design, faithfully emulate the woven.
  3. Its stainless steel structure. Its firm steel frame with a sloping backrest and a soft leather upholstered cushion that supports the head make this chair suitable for both indoors and outdoors. This is a type of aesthetic and functional versatility that users would like to find in many other modern chairs, but only a few can provide.

These three keys try to explain why a Flag Halyard Chair replica is such a striking and unusual product. If you still have doubts, the best way to check it is by allowing it to be part of your spaces at home and put it to the test of its benefits.

How To Make Your Room Look Cozier With A Womb Chair & Home Accents (II/II)

If you haven’t read the previous blog we recommend you to do it before dive into this next chapter. In the previous chapter, we talked about why a Womb chair is a great option when you want to make your room look cozier. And now we will show you a few different designs from people from Pinterest. Scroll down and get inspired!

A Womb chair, a lamp, and plants are the perfect trio

Source: Becki Owens

This is a lovely and very modern option to implement cozy accents in your room. The monochromatic color palette, the different textures of the fabric of the chair, and the wood of the ceiling are combined very harmoniously. Also, adding plants to the coffee table is a must! Why? Because with addition of nature, the place and even the air will flow better. You can go for larger plants if you like that eco-friendly environment.

Take a look at this next example:

Source: Domino

This has a larger plant and it looks gorgeous.

Comment below which one was your favorite cozy nook!

How To Make Your Room Look Cozier With A Womb Chair & Home Accents (I/II)

Check how to create a relaxing corner with a Womb chair and more home accents!

2021 and we are still here … Pandemic restrictions still keep us locked inside our homes, but, not everything is bad! This can be an opportunity to improve your room since this is now probably the site that you use the most of the day.

An optimal room should be a space full of tranquility, harmony, and comfort. Most people always try to create a cozy space in order to satisfy the features of an optimal bedroom. But, how can you that? Down below we have placed a few suggestions in order to enhance the whole bedroom and create a cozier aspect. Let’s get started!

Add a relaxing corner with a Womb chair

This is quite easy step to do. By adding a lounge chair such as the Womb chair you will be immediately capable to create a reading nook or any corner you have a mind. So choose a  particular spot that could benefit from a little extra warmth and softness, and add a Womb chair, a lamp, and any other home accent you like. 

Click on the link to check the relaxing and cozy corners that people from Pinterest have created.

The Eames Lounge Chair: a Luxury or a Necessity?

Much is said about the benefits of having a luxury piece of furniture at home. Curiously, for many people, it’s automatic to evoke the Eames Lounge Chair when talking about luxury furniture, considering the prestige that this design has and the reasons why it has remained in the market, in the minds of consumers, and so many houses, apartments, offices, and rest areas over several decades. While it’s true that not everyone can have an Eames Lounge Chair in their living room, that doesn’t mean that it’s a piece of furniture exclusively for wealthy people.

In fact, a product like the Eames Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design is optimal enough, made with high-end materials and very strict quality control processes, and you can compare it to an original piece. The most important thing about it is that its price represents only a fraction of the original piece’s cost.

What’s more, an Eames Lounge Chair replica and a completely original piece are virtually identical, and only an expert could tell them apart. However, you only need to think about it for a moment to realize that there are several reasons why you deserve a piece like this in your spaces.

How many times have you wanted to have a backrest to rest optimally, that feels especially dedicated to the rest of your body, from which it’s difficult for you to get up because you really don’t want to do it due to how relaxed and comfortable you are. Seriously, whether it’s an Eames Lounge Chair reproduction or an original chair, never underestimate the importance of having such a throne like this at home.

Choose Strategically Your Modern Furniture & Colors To Create A Pleasent Living Room (II/II)

If you have not read the previous article, we would like you to read it before continuing, there you will find a good choice for a timeless piece. But how do you know that it is a timeless piece? Well, it’s very easy. For this you will have to pay attention to the feeling that it produces because a timeless piece is an article (clothing, furniture, etc.) that has a strong appeal and its own voice, it is something that never breaks its concept over the years. Another example of this is the Mario Bellini sofa.

The Cameleonda sofa is considered a modern icon that has broken the rules of sofa design due to its eclectic and eye-catching design. The structure and waves that this sofa has will make you fall in love at first sight.

Now, it is time to show you how to select the color palette.

Choose neutral and pastel hues

Before dive into it, it is important to know that each color represents a different vibration of the light, so it is normal to feel a different kind of vibe with each individual color. The theory you can consider is the Chakra or Feng Shui principles.

According to Raise Your Vibration Today, “colors correspond to different energy centers in the body called chakras. Each chakra of the body balances, stores and distributes the energy needed for life. You can understand the meaning of colors by relating them to their chakras”.

That being said, according to chakra, neutral color and pastel hues normally produce a certain kind of calm vibration and peaceful environment to the space where it is placed. You can select the following colors:

  • Light blue, green & yellow.
  • White, beige.
  • Warm earth tones.

Choose Strategically Your Modern Furniture & Colors To Create A Pleasent Living Room (I/II)

Get to know why a Togo sofa and neutral color palettes are the best tips you can get!

When you think of the most recurring room in the house, which ones do you think of first? I’m pretty sure most agree that this room is. The living room is the “most public” area that we have in the house, by this I mean that all the guests, whether they are relatives (distant) or friends, interact within this space, unlike a room or kitchen. 

The living room is usually a suitable space for entertaining with your loved ones, an area where all your closest ones gather to hang out. This is why the theme of decorating this space is so important. But don’t panic! If you are in the process of remodeling or decorating your house, it is pertinent that you take the following advice when choosing furniture and color palette. 

Swipe down and choose your favorite tip!

Choose timeless furniture like a Togo sofa 

The Togo sofa is considered a modern piece that has more than 40 years in the market, although it is an old design it keeps looking modern and comfortable, the best feature you can get in a sofa. Thick cushions, aniline leather, and a striking element within any room.

Now, how do you know when a sofa is a timeless piece, and which color palette to use? Click on the link to know more!

The Asher Bed Is a Work of Art For Your Bedroom

Any time is a good time to stop for a few minutes to reflect on the importance of wood and why it has played such an outstanding role in furniture design’s history. Currently, it’s the main resource in the structure of pleasant and elegant designs like the Asher bed, and many modern beds found in millions of bedrooms around the world. 

Wood is warm, flexible, versatile, conforming to virtually any shape designers wish to give it, even if it’s a sophisticated wood bed frame. As if that weren’t enough, wood is highly resistant, which means that a high-quality modern bed frame can last for several generations, retaining its ideal firmness and stability.

A platform bed frame is usually a long-term investment and the materials from which it’s made will directly determine not only the quality of the product but also its aesthetic style. A model made of metal can be, in proportions, design, dimensions, and details, very similar to a mid-century bed frame made of wood, offering a surprisingly different result.

That is: the materials themselves are part of the piece’s style and everything that its creator wanted to express through it, just in the same way that a sculptor decides to carve his next work in marble and not in wood, or vice versa. Your Asher bed is, to a certain extent and from a certain point of view, a work of art.

The Napa Sofa: Why Is Its Upholstery So Special?

The Napa sofa represents the purest expression of MCM that lovers of this trend adore. One of its greatest appealing factors is, undoubtedly, its quite elegant tanned leather finish. Although there are many imitations of leather or other synthetic upholsteries and not all can offer the same characteristics, there are very valid and convenient variations or imitations that can be very useful for those who want to try something different.

Due to its great versatility, it’s possible to find leather in chairs, wall coverings, curtains, and as an important component of certain furniture models, such as this midcentury sofa. This makes it easy to integrate, to a greater or lesser extent, to practically any decorating style in any area.

Another great advantage of this upholstery is that it doesn’t require very extensive maintenance. It’s a very suitable material for spaces with an intense level of activity and daily use and environments where people carry on a very active lifestyle.

To clean a modern sofa with a leather surface, a clean cloth is usually enough to remove dust and liquid residues, without the need to add special solvents or making additional investment in special treatments to keep it in good condition.
Besides, many types of leather finishes are classified according to their quantity of pigments, binders, and additional additives: aniline, semi-aniline, pigmented, protein, thermoplastic, patent, suede, etc. Each one looks unique and has different applications depending on the style and type of design in which it will be applied.