Why Is The Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa So Popular?

Brown leather upholstery was all the rage in the 1970s for its caramel hues and widespread use in movies and TV series thanks to the popularity of Mid-Century Modern and the great presence of this style in the recording sets of all kinds of audiovisual productions. It was common to find models like the Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa or similar designs because the general public was highly familiar with these types of pieces.

A midcentury sofa tends to have great acceptance by the public when they have a generous size and very comfortable cushions. People also attach great importance to durability and the ability of the product to remain beautiful and functional over time and continuous heavy use.

That’s something that the large modern furniture stores know very well and it’s the main reason why you can find online catalogs full of models with these characteristics, some more sophisticated than others.

Everything you can expect from a modern sofa usually represents an obvious benefit for your aesthetic style and even for your quality of life because there’s nothing more pleasant than being able to arrive tired from work or simply after having a difficult day and being able to lie down the sofa to enjoy your favorite activity, be it watching television, reading, talking, using your smartphone, etc. A model like the Woodrow Box Skandi sofa can easily become your new best friend.

The Togo Sofa: The Michel Ducaroy Piece That Adapts To Traditional & Contemporary

Swipe down and meet one of the sofas with the thickest cushions of all time!

The Togo sofa is made by the iconic designer Frances Michel Ducaroy who studied at the Lyon School of Fine Arts and later joined the family business specialized in the production of contemporary furniture, contributing with different theories and modeling of modern furniture.

Ducaroy created this modern sofa for the purpose of versatility, allowing it to adapt to the contemporary and the traditional.

The Togo sofa is focused on providing comfort and a different look to the usual sofas. Its brutal thick cushions are responsible for providing you with the maximum comfort that a sofa can give. In addition, its informal and ergonomic structure gives it a special appearance, suitable for movie afternoons or meetings with friends and family.

The Togo sofa cushions are filled with multi-density and padded covers that provide the user with a soft but resistant experience. In addition, it is lined with one of the best leathers on the market, aniline leather, which feels warm and soft to the touch.

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The Eames Lounge Chair Represents The Next Level of Your Environment

The astonishing and immortal fame of the Eames Lounge Chair stems from several foundations, but the most important being that it was a perfect example of what the new Modernism could bring to take ergonomics and comfort to the next level of greatness. Besides, it represented an unbeatable balance between aesthetics and function that made it a benchmark for furniture pieces.

This Charles and Ray Eames masterpiece is really very practical and efficient in its functions. In that sense, it pointed the way for hundreds of new designers who would give great importance to practical and ergonomic sense in their works.

The piece’s dimensions make it suitable for all types of environments. Even some products like the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design faithfully follow those parameters: 32.75 ″ width, 32.75 ″ depth, and 32 ″ high.

Many people automatically think of an Eames Lounge Chair reproduction when they consider adding an extraordinary element to their surroundings. This is not strange, taking into account that the piece is practically a standard within its style and the high degree of elegance, good taste, and personality that it brings is indisputable.

The Eames Lounge Chair represents an undiscovered treasure for people who have never heard of it and its legendary legacy. After all, it’s no coincidence that it has appeared in many movies and TV shows over the years.

Movies That Can Inspire You To Create Your Modern Layout (II/II)

In the previous blog we talked about how a movie can inspire you to decorate your house and we showed you how the iconic LC3 sofa acts like the starring of the Batman v Superman movie. An interesting fact is that the Le Corbusier furniture pieces together with the Mies van der Rohe ones are a constant within scenes where the sleekness and modernism are the nuclei of it.

The LC3 sofa includes thick, comfortable pillows within steel frames. This design was made in this way with the main idea that the sofa was comfortable from each of its parts; a tubular structure that supports soft seats and gives them an aesthetic that is fully compatible with modern styles. Although this design is over ninety years old, it is still used in many movies shot today.

Another masterpiece to add to the list is the classic psychological thriller, American Psycho. The bedroom of the protagonist businessman seems taken from Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe’s own mind. The LC3 sofa and the Barcelona chairs are just one of the signs of a perfectly balanced modern style. The color palette, the organic lines and the contrast of black and white are just one of the most outstanding characteristics of the design.

Movies That Can Inspire You To Create Your Modern Layout (I/II)

Movies are often seen as a source of entertainment, but they can also be sources of inspiration! Throughout time we have seen how movies can influence or impact our culture, but they can also influence your interior design!

Today we will show you a short list of masterpieces that have stood out not only for their script, performance of the actors or animation, but they have also proven to be a source of iconic settings where the interior design is the one that acts as the protagonist in many scenes.

From modern sofas to clean lines and structures, it’s just a bit of what can be seen in the following films. Scroll down and start scheduling the day to see them!

Batman v Superman

We all know these two iconic superheroes, but, let’s talk about their insane decor! This is no 

just a superhero movie, it’s also a representation of what modernism and classic furniture mean. This film is the perfect place to get started in the world of modernism and a good arrangement of elements. Here you will find very elegant and sophisticated pieces that evoke a luxurious atmosphere throughout the place. From the iconic LC3 sofa to Mies van der Rohe pieces is just a piece of what you’ll see in this movie.

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The Napa Sofa: a Key Element In Your Man Cave

The concept of “man cave” is associated with a very particular sense of elegance, practicality, and masculine good taste. Leather can be better in many cases compared to other materials such as velvet or cotton.

Generally speaking, it’s more durable, and can be cleaned more easily, although sometimes it pales a bit. Models that stand out especially for their tan leather upholstery such as the Napa sofa, with that style reminiscent of the seventies, defined by that buttery caramel hue, with dense and wide cushions that invite you to relax and enjoy its impressive proportions and smooth textures. 

Leather will always deserve a chance in modern settings because it’s a material that has long been the center of attention for all kinds of furniture pieces and various finishes. A midcentury sofa like this stands out for its sturdy wooden frame and cozy proportions.

The tan finish is visibly much more exotic than regular leather, especially when integrated into light-colored surroundings that create a lovely contrast.

A tanned leather sofa is not only an example of style and elegance, but it can also be a great winner in social gatherings. You can be sure that your friends, family, and visitors, in general, are going to love it.

The Napa sofa can make an amazing difference in your man cave. Discover the properties of this exotic model and make it the focal point of your modern layout.

The Egg Chair: One Of The Most Iconic Danish Pieces

Have you ever heard of the Scandinavian style? This0 style is currently very mentioned in different platforms related to interior design. This style is characterized by being sophisticated, comfortable and really attractive! Due to the great boom that it has had, we have decided to dedicate today’s topic to one of the most important icons that has influenced the reputation that Scandinavian style has today. The piece we are talking about is no more and no less than the Egg chair, created by a Danish designer named Arne Jacobsen.

Arne Jacobsen designed the perfect representation of the furniture of the land for him. The Egg chair has a curvilinear shape, presented in an ergonomic and enveloping way. This piece was first seen in 1958 in the decoration of the famous lobby of the Royal Hotel Copenhagen.

His intentions were to create a chair that goes hand in hand with the straight lines of the building! Determined to respond to his own demands for aesthetics, simplicity of lines and comfort, the artist found the perfect balance in the Egg Chair with irreproachable and simple curves. In this process, he gave life to an egg-shaped piece of furniture whose shell is created around a frame composed of a reinforced foam structure, covered with fabric or leather. Since then, the Egg chair revolutionized the furniture design industry and is considered an icon within Danish design.

An interesting fact is that it can also be seen in different movies such as Zoolander or The Men in Black.

Defining The Importance of The Modern Sofa

The importance of a modern sofa goes beyond simply complementing your floor plan or taking your layout to the next level of aesthetics and functionality. A modern sofa can be the perfect way to express your lifestyle and your very own personality. The decision you make between a modern sectional and a fabric sofa can make a subliminal impression of yourself on others, even if you don’t think about it, especially on people who don’t know you well.

In that sense, leather sofas are known for their great versatility, durability, and elegance in most cases. There are even models with tan leather upholstery that immediately capture people’s attention and suggest a memorable sense of class and good taste.

On the other hand, if you have a small business or company in which you constantly receive visits from clients, partners, and people of interest in general, you don’t want the selection of furniture to give the wrong impression about the identity of your company. Your furniture forms an essential part of the physical body of your business and what you project through it can be decisive for many of the projects you have in mind.

A midcentury sofa can be your cover letter and the sure way to closing the most important deals you can make in your career as an entrepreneur. As you can see, the importance of a modern sofa goes far beyond the utilitarian. Only the best sofas can give you much more than you expect and transform your lifestyle in a more than positive way.

The Tulip Table: a Seal of Originality and Good Taste

You may have discovered the practically endless range of possibilities that you can find when you decide to add a coffee table or accent table to your floor plan. The options are so different that they’re astonishing and, in fact, it’s one of the most diverse categories in the world of furniture design.

Modern catalogs tend to innovate in terms of technical and aesthetic characteristics, but the Tulip table, for example, has reigned for many years as one of the most original, valuable, and interesting creations within the Mid-Century Modern style.

It’s important to clarify that even the term “Tulip table” doesn’t refer only to a particular model but to a whole collection of tables that have in common a biomorphic structure lacking the usual four legs, in which a conical base is what supports the top.

This surface can be oval, round, rectangular, or square, and it can even be made of different types of materials such as wood, marble, etc. The collection even includes pieces like the black Tulip table, a model that can work remarkably well for adding accent tones in settings with light color palettes.

Some online stores, such as Manhattan Home Design, include the Tulip table replica in its different versions and modalities. The models are manufactured in different sizes and heights so that each person can find the one that best suits their living room, dining room, or even outdoor area to provide the definitive stamp of originality and good taste.

All You Need To Know About The Womb Chair & Its Features (II/II)

In the previous blog we talked about some interesting facts about the Womb chair and its structure. Now is time to show you how you can include this masterpiece in case you have fallen for it and want to improve your environment with a mid-century modern focal point. Let ‘s continue!

Before thinking about where or what purpose you can satisfy with the Womb chair, it is important that you remember its main features. This is a lounge chair, which means that it is designed to be as optimal and efficient as possible in terms of comfort, the anthropometry and the body of the sculptural Womb Chair make it the pinnacle of comfort. So when you need to do tasks that require a relaxing position, this chair is the perfect companion.

A common example of activities that can be done with this chair is reading your favorite book. Normally a kind of reading corner is configured where the Womb chair is implemented as a focal point and support, a night table next to it to stack the books, a lamp in case you like to read at night and a plant to add the touch organic that brings us peace to the environment.