Arco Lamp: The Beauty Of Materials and Form

The universe of floor lamps is almost infinite, full of various models that evoke different trends, sizes, shapes, figures, and technical advantages that each user can discover according to their needs.

However, some models like the Arco lamp by the Castiglioni brothers are valuable for much more than that: the masterful combination of their materials assembled in a design that works very well, looks amazing, and represents an optimal balance between beauty and function.

In what other floor lamp model could you find materials such as marble and stainless steel strategically combined to create a structure whose mere presence gives off a high sense of elegance?

Even models that try to perfectly emulate its characteristics such as the Arco lamp replica by Manhattan Home Design are made of real stainless steel and solid Carrara marble.

Both materials have a high aesthetic value. Steel is reflective, sparkles, reproduces the bright flashes of the environment, adds striking accents thanks to its finishes that add visual interest and help balance the overall lighting effect. This is why the impressive 95-inch tall arc and hemispherical reflector head that glows like a mirror suspended in midair is so eye-catching.

For its part, Carrara marble has an outstanding value in the world of design and architecture because it’s the same type of marble that was used in the great sculptural works of antiquity and important historical facades due to its immaculate and unique appearance. Also, it’s a resource extracted directly from nature.

The Arco lamp reproduction also includes that marble base and, together with the rest of the components, they make up a masterpiece impossible to ignore.

Modern Sofas That Looks Like Stylish Bean Bags (I/II)

If you don’t know what a bean bag looks like, just watch any 90’s teen movie where the girl or boy sits talking on the phone with their friends lying down in the most comfortable way. Now, if you already know which furniture piece I’m talking about and it gives you a bit of nostalgia perhaps you now want to somehow include them in your living room without stopping the design from being sophisticated, today we bring you a list of sofas that look like giant puffs but retain a modern style and functional structure.

We will start the list with no more and no less than the Togo sofa. This sofa is a piece made by the icon of furniture design: Michael Ducaroy. This design has been in the market for more than forty years and without a doubt it continues to be a desired piece for retro, modern and functional styles. This sofa is upholstered in a very resistant and durable leather called aniline leather. But! It not only comes in this presentation, you can also find it upholstered in fabric.

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Modern Sofas That Looks Like Stylish Bean Bags (II/II)

In the previous blog, we mentioned one of the best sofa options that look like bean bags. We also explain why the Togo sofa is one of the most elegant and comfortable models on the market. Now is the time to show you a couple more sofas that will make your living room a pleasant place for all your guests!

The Mario Bellini sofa is another on the list of sofa options similar to puffs. This sofa also appears to be sitting directly on the ground as it has no visible legs or support. But, everything is an illusion! Since it has legs made of wood and covered by a special chemical which makes it resistant to humidity. The other materials used in the design of this great sofa are also a very good quality! Including the aniline leather upholstery -just like the one from the Togo sofa-, which makes the sofa have flashes of natural shine and natural stains from the original leather.

The Rowan modular customizable sectional by RH Teen is the last of our list. As you can see it has a very sophisticated structure and very large size. If you have a large family, this might be the option for you!

Source: RH TEEN

The Eames Lounge Chair: a Piece That Is Worth It

Since the Eames Lounge Chair was launched in 1956, it marked a before and after in the history of modern furniture design. Most especially, it pointed the way to what would be the lounge chairs that would appear in later years.

Charles and Ray Eames, its creators, not only knew how to break schemes and take the concept of premium chair, very popular in gentlemen’s clubs, to the next level of luxury, comfort, and style.

Although not everyone had the possibility of paying thousands of dollars for one of these pieces, its popularity soon made everyone want to have it at home. However, you’ve surely wondered on occasion, is it really a chair that’s worth it?

From every point of view, getting an Eames Lounge Chair replica like the one from Manhattan Home Design, compared to the price of the original, is a convenient investment in almost all cases.

It’s enough to admire the fidelity with which this piece has been built and the fact that its price represents only a fraction of the original cost. In other words, an Eames Lounge Chair reproduction may be preferable, in many cases, to the authentic product.

That’s not something that can be said about many pieces of furniture, especially a design so legendary that there are many more replicas on the market. Not all of them will be able to offer you such great fidelity to the work of the Eameses, but at least, you’ll be sure that you’ll have an amazing chair in every way, which will surely become your most loved piece of furniture.

The Eames Lounge Chair: a Product Destined For Success

Since we are born, we’re always being bombarded by success stories. Testimonies of people who with their effort, talent, disposition, and energy, manage to transform the world, innovate, and transcend borders and possibilities. However, that “celebrity status” it’s not something that happens only to people.

Interestingly, some products currently on the market have such an outstanding story and have managed to succeed and stay in time in such a special way that they have become as famous and sought after as the most powerful celebrities. A clear example of this is the Eames Lounge Chair.

From the get-go, the Eames Lounge Chair was destined for greatness. Not just because of the time that its designers Charles and Ray Eames took to develop and fine-tune all the details to ensure they would deliver a first-class product.

Its success is also due to the media coverage that the product had and the moment in history in which it was launched, which had a very positive impact on the public and was something almost automatically reflected in its sales and popularity. The fact that there are products like the Eames Lounge Chair Replica from Manhattan Home Design is one of the best testimonies of how important this design is.

The original piece is worth several thousand dollars, but an Eames Lounge Chair reproduction is usually priced at only a fraction of that cost. This means that the chair is no longer an unattainable dream but its success allowed it to reach all types of audiences and become one of the Mid-Century Modern style icons, present in hundreds of homes and offices around the world.

The Le Corbusier Sofa (LC3) Is The Leather Piece Your Family Needs!

Looking for the perfect sofa? Finding the sofa that suits your needs can be a bit of a traumatic process. Choosing the purchase method to choose the color and style is something that at some point can frustrate us. A sofa is the centerpiece of all living rooms, it is what gives meaning to the room and even makes it possible for the person to differentiate a living room from the rest of the rooms. That is why this choice is one of the most important. But don’t worry! Today we bring you the Le Corbusier sofa. One of the most functional and classic options in case you are dealing with frustration related to the choice of your sofa.

The sofa we are talking about is nothing more and nothing less than the sofa LC3 Le Corbusier. A piece lined with aniline leather that reflects a natural shine due to the high quality and little process that this type of leather goes through. This sofa is not only a striking and elegant piece, but it also offers one of the thickest cushions in the furniture world.

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The Napa Sofa: Why Is It a Convenient Piece?

The modern style of designing sofas far left far behind Victorian trends and those grandmother models that felt rock hard and were riddled with unnecessary ornamental details.

It’s enough to admire a tanned leather sofa like the Napa sofa to understand this evolution and how leather, synthetic materials, and advanced industrial techniques allowed the creation of extraordinary models that probably two hundred years ago would’ve been unimaginable.

A tan leather couch offers a very special kind of comfort thanks to its soft and elegant elastic finish that improves its texture over time. Aesthetically, a midcentury sofa is a product designed for current environments and offers high strength and durability that fits the hectic lifestyle of the contemporary adult.

Plus, the Napa sofa in particular is incredibly versatile. Its particular caramel hue and comfy cushions are the main reasons why you can find it in practically any setting of any decorating style, with sober and elegant color palettes.

Your modern sofa can even be the front row of that home theater room you’ve been dreaming of. It doesn’t matter if your favorite style is Transitional, Contemporary, Scandinavian, or even Boho or Rustic, the Napa sofa can become the star of the place and the element that defines the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

The Modern Sofa: a Piece Designed For Life

The living room is likely to be your favorite compartment in the entire home. Just imagine the number of diverse activities that you can do in that area of ​​your home: live memorable moments as a family, enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows, board games, although everything will depend on your lifestyle and the meaning that you want to give to the layout.

Nevertheless, a modern sofa is a common element and in many cases almost mandatory, because it’s a common focal point and the element that can mark the balance between aesthetics and function.

Some people even add a desk to make it their little home office and, if the space is generous enough, also a small gym with exercise machines. However, it cannot be denied that the life of the party in any living room today is usually a midcentury sofa, often of generous proportions.

Some layouts are particularly suitable for the inclusion of a modern sectional, depending on the size and distribution of the elements. They can even have leather or fabric upholstery. Never underestimate the importance of the color palette and its relationship to furniture.

Leather sofas can be the perfect match for neutral tones and minimalist environments. The perfect sofa is waiting to be found, and you should never underestimate the importance of its role within your layout and within your life.

3 Accessories You Can Place Behind Your Modern Sofa (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about how annoying the empty space behind your modern sofa can be and how shelves can help you to fill it. Now is time to proceed with other creative ways to eliminate the awkwardness in your living room. Let’s continue!

Add an eye-catching mirror

Mirrors are a great way to create a focal point within the rooms. They come in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. So whether you have implemented a modern, mid-century or industrial style… They will be a mirror for you. 

In the example you can see a Mario Bellini sofa with a large mirror behind it. If you pay attention, the frame of the mirror is contrasting perfectly with the color of the Camaleonda sofa.

Console table is the classic way to decorate it

Adding a console table will give you some benefits. Not only will it function as a distraction from awkward space, but it will also offer you additional space and storage. Perfect solution for those who face confined spaces and need to make the most of them.

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3 Accessories You Can Place Behind Your Modern Sofa (I/II)

Have you ever noticed the awkward space behind your modern sofa? It can be quite annoying if you are handling your own interior decoration, but it is actually easy to remove or refill. No matter what the position of your sofa is, whether it is facing the wall or in the middle of the living room, it can be arranged! As we like to help you in your process of decorating the spaces of your home, this is not the exception. Swipe down and choose your favorite way to fill in space behind your sofa!

Add shelves considering your color palette


This is a very modern and creative way to fill an unsightly space like the one behind your sofa. In the example you can see that they have opted for black and white shelves since their color palette is quite neutral and the Mario Bellini sofa that they have combines perfectly with those colors. So, in case you like this option, consider what your color palette is and what shelf color will match your sofa best.

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