2021 Home Decor Trends You Can Easily Include In Your Home (II/II)

In the previous post, we talked about one of the options you can choose to add that luxury livable 2021 trend. We also mentioned the Florence Knoll armchair and how can you arrange these aniline leather pieces that have been so iconic from its launch. 

Don’t forget about enhancing the corners

Have you ever felt stuck in an awkward corner? The solution is simple! Try to improve by creating a reading corner or simply a place with natural elements, or even both. You can try placing a Florence Knoll chair with a beautiful long cactus on one side and decorating it with a beautiful arched lamp on the other. The length and material of the lamp are key to achieving the sophisticated style that you want so much. In case you current design match with metallic material, you should select it. The polished metallic shine gives that vibe that is now a trend.

Include textures in your chair and pillows

When decorating, don’t forget about adding fluffy o soft textures to the accents in the home. You can include them in rugs, throw pillows, etc. 

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