2021 Home Decor Trends You Can Easily Include In Your Home (I/II)

2021 is passing faster than ever, don’t you think? And along with this, the trends are taking hold faster and faster. The quarantine has made us reconsider the way we arrange our furniture and decorate our interiors. Now, the trend is converging to a point where functionality and durability are the priority. Things like livable luxury and texture details are some of the main features that the 2021 designs will bring with them. Today we will introduce you to how you can recreate a luxury livable design with a Florence Knoll armchair and other elements. We will also detail a little more to you about the trends in terms of home accents and color scheme. Let us begin!

Choose stylish and functional furniture

The key to do this is selecting pieces that evoke elegance without breaking the bank, combine the high with the and the old with the new. For example, you can select a Florence Knoll armchair high-end replica and mix it with a modern sofa. This combination will create a balance within your layout.

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