3 Reasons Why an Arco Lamp Is Such a Great Design

Have you ever wondered why the Arco lamp is such a recognized, famous, and best-selling product? These three reasons will help you better understand why it’s that important:

  1. Reading time! What is the most important thing we need when we set aside some spare time to get relaxed, take a book between our hands and get ready to enjoy the comfortable silence of the living room? Exactly! Light. So much light. And if there’s something that distinguishes an Arco lamp is that, since is a floor lamp with a rather long arched arm, is capable of projecting light from some point over your head, which is the best way to get the lighting you need all over the page of the book you are enjoying. A dream come true.
  2. Perfect match to high ceilings. High ceilings can generate certain perspective problems when we are in the process of rearranging the elements of a space. Beautiful furniture, an elegant rug, and a dream coffee table may seem insufficient to fill a space when the ceiling is well above your head. However, an Arco lamp replica, with its large aluminum arm, can be adjusted to the height that best suits you, depending on the type of activity you’re going to do. Besides, the light can reach a high enough point of the room, so you can use it at ease.
  3. Enlights the bedroom. Getting the perfect light intensity for your bedroom doesn’t always have to do with how powerful the bulb you are using is, or exactly where it’s located. One of the advantages of this masterpiece is that it allows you to adjust the direction in which the light stream flows. Either to read or to sleep, you can use direct or indirect light, to a greater or lesser degree, and adjust the hemispherical reflector of your Arco lamp reproduction according to your preference. Amazing.

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