3 Things You Can’t Do When Decorating A Mid-Century Living Room (II/II)

In the previous section of this two-part blog, we talked about the first things to avoid and why the Womb chair is a great way to implement mid-century vibes in a room. Now is the time to show you two more things to avoid when decorating under the influence of the mcm style. Let’s continue.

2. Don’t overdo it, keep it simple!

Remember that mid-century modernity is built on the same fundamentals as minimalism, where “less is more.” That being said, it is important to keep your living room as simple as possible but without looking dead and characterless. There are many ways to add character to a living room without “overloading” it.

The most common way to do this is by selecting strong color palettes, elegant furnishings like a Womb chair or Florence Knoll sofa, and adding an eye-catching, luxurious element of your choice. Remember! Everything is in detail.

3. Avoid dark places and add good lighting

This is another commonly seen error. People tend to spend their entire budget on furniture, but sometimes they forget about lighting. By adding an elegant and classic chandelier to your ceiling, you will be adding a beautiful focal point and in turn, lighting up the entire space.

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