3 Things You Can’t Do When Decorating A Mid-Century Living Room (I/II)

Have you ever had doubts when decorating a room? If so, don’t worry! Here we are going to share with you some common mistakes people make when decorating their home. As we specialize in mid-century modern style on this blog, the following information focuses on most of the errors within the style mentioned above. Let us begin!

  1. Avoid oversized furniture 

Mid-century furniture shouldn’t be too big, it should be like a Womb chair or Florence Knoll sofa. The pieces you select should match the dimensions of your home and meet the needs you have. For example, a Womb chair would be a perfect implementation if you want a relaxing corner or a reading corner. Thanks to the curved structure of this chair made by the only Sarineen, it is possible to carry out various activities on it.

Plus, it’s widely recognized for being a mid-century icon, so the moment you place this piece in your living room, bedroom, or even office, it will help you evoke that sophisticated vibe like the Mad Men TV series.

Take a look at this gorgeous piece!

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