3 Accessories You Can Place Behind Your Modern Sofa (I/II)

Have you ever noticed the awkward space behind your modern sofa? It can be quite annoying if you are handling your own interior decoration, but it is actually easy to remove or refill. No matter what the position of your sofa is, whether it is facing the wall or in the middle of the living room, it can be arranged! As we like to help you in your process of decorating the spaces of your home, this is not the exception. Swipe down and choose your favorite way to fill in space behind your sofa!

Add shelves considering your color palette

Source: blog.thedpages.com

This is a very modern and creative way to fill an unsightly space like the one behind your sofa. In the example you can see that they have opted for black and white shelves since their color palette is quite neutral and the Mario Bellini sofa that they have combines perfectly with those colors. So, in case you like this option, consider what your color palette is and what shelf color will match your sofa best.

Click on the link to know more ways to decorate behind your couch.

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