2 Mid-Century Modern Films You Should Watch This Quarantine (I/II)

Tired of not knowing what to see this weekend? Do not worry! Today we have decided to unite our love for mid-century design and movies resulting in an incredible list of movies set in the mid-century style. In these films you will find the classic elements of this design such as the combination of textures, the use of materials such as wood or glass, Egg chair in living rooms, leather sofas and other elements made by the favorite designers of the epoch. Among them are the wonderful Florence Knoll, Mies van Der Rohe and of course the magnificent Sarineen. Scroll down and choose your favorite for this weekend!

The Incredibles 2

This film is based on the life of a family of superheroes where parents change roles resulting in somewhat chaotic situations. These include the mood swings of the “super” teenagers, the evil people behind the family mom’s businesses, and so on. Now, this family’s home is the real beauty! At the beginning of the movie, it delights you with a masterpiece where detail is the priority. Here you can find quite marked wooden details, Womb chairs and Tulip tables. A totally mid-century modern dream.

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