2 Mid-Century Modern Films You Should Watch This Quarantine (II/II)

In the previous blog we talked about one of the film treasures that Disney Pixar has. This treasure is nothing less than Incredibles 2, a movie that is definitely worth watching if you admire the architecture and style of the golden years. Click on the link to know a little more about it.

Now is the time to continue with our list of films set in the mid-century style that you must see in 2021. The next film is a totally different genre but without a doubt it is worth highlighting. In this movie you can find Shell chair style furniture, an exquisite interior design with organic lines, intense color palette, cabinets with beautiful designs and details, 

A Star Is Born

This is the third remake of the original romance starring the famous singer Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. This romantic film is based on the life and love of two artists who meet by chance. The movie will catch you not only because of the performance of these two great actors but also because of how mesmerizing the house they both live in is. This house has a rustic style and a bit of an elegant ranch. Inside it is decorated with colors alluding to the mid-century along with furniture from the time. The bold, chunky beams, wooden walls, layered lighting, and even the large Eames Lounge Chair and Shell chair they have in the room will blow your mind. Definitely an architectural work worth seeing.

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