All You Need To Know About The Womb Chair & Its Features (I/II)

The Womb chair makes an impression on everyone who sees it and normally this impression goes hand in hand with the amazement and captivity that its aesthetics produces. This authentic model has been specially created to offer the most comfortable feeling to the user and at the same time feel somehow embraced by its cozy shape.

Today we are going to share with you one of the main features and interesting facts about the iconic Womb chair. Like for example, did you know the Womb Chair was especially designed by mid century modern mastermind Eero Saarinen in 1946 to recreate the smooth curves of a woman’s womb? Pretty creative, right?

Not only is the welcoming shape of the Womb Chair comfortable, it’s also highly luxurious. In fact, according to Elle Decor, with its rounded, curvy design, armrests and movable cushions, Saarinen’s masterpiece is designed to perfectly envelop its users.

This popular piece is upholstered in soft wool with stainless steel legs, which instantly adds glamor to your surroundings. But how can you use the Womb chair?

Click to know amazing ideas of how to use the Womb chair!

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