Arco Lamp: The Beauty Of Materials and Form

The universe of floor lamps is almost infinite, full of various models that evoke different trends, sizes, shapes, figures, and technical advantages that each user can discover according to their needs.

However, some models like the Arco lamp by the Castiglioni brothers are valuable for much more than that: the masterful combination of their materials assembled in a design that works very well, looks amazing, and represents an optimal balance between beauty and function.

In what other floor lamp model could you find materials such as marble and stainless steel strategically combined to create a structure whose mere presence gives off a high sense of elegance?

Even models that try to perfectly emulate its characteristics such as the Arco lamp replica by Manhattan Home Design are made of real stainless steel and solid Carrara marble.

Both materials have a high aesthetic value. Steel is reflective, sparkles, reproduces the bright flashes of the environment, adds striking accents thanks to its finishes that add visual interest and help balance the overall lighting effect. This is why the impressive 95-inch tall arc and hemispherical reflector head that glows like a mirror suspended in midair is so eye-catching.

For its part, Carrara marble has an outstanding value in the world of design and architecture because it’s the same type of marble that was used in the great sculptural works of antiquity and important historical facades due to its immaculate and unique appearance. Also, it’s a resource extracted directly from nature.

The Arco lamp reproduction also includes that marble base and, together with the rest of the components, they make up a masterpiece impossible to ignore.

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