Take Your LC2 Chair, A Table & Create Your Reading Corner!

The LC2 Chair can be the partner in your reading corner.

Photography Tim Young, via Image.ie.

A reading corner is that harmonious area created specifically for reading or doing activities that require concentration such as work or, right now during pandemics, Zoom meetings.

This area is essential if you work from home, are a writer, or simply like to read. The good thing about creating this area is that you only need to invest in a good chair. The support, in this case, is the main element that you must include because here you will spend hours of the day, so acquiring an ergonomic chair is the first objective when setting up the site.

If you are willing to spend a considerable amount on your support; in this case, the chair, we want to present you with one of the best ergonomic chairs when it comes to these activities; the LC2 chair.

Photographer William Waldron, via Elle Decor.

This is a model designed by Le Corbusier, totally comfortable and chic. The piece has cushions filled with dense foam, which is one of the best quality foams on the market. In addition, it is covered with a strong aniline leather that is responsible for creating that natural and bright look.

3 Types Of Cushions Materials Your Modern Sofa Should Have: Low-Density Foam (IV/IV)

Note: we always recommend to readers to check the previous article ( low-density foam) in order to enjoy fully the information placed in both.

If you have read the previous articles you perhaps have perceived that we frequently mention density, and you perhaps may wonder why it is related or how, well, that’s because of the quality foam measures by the density.

According to sleepfoundation.org density is “simply a measurement of weight per unit of volume. In the case of foam, it is measured in pounds per cubic foot (PCF). In other words, the density of the foam is expressed by measuring the weight of a single cubic foot of foam material”.

So now you can have a better idea of the previous foam like the high-density foam of what is made the LC3 sofa by Le Corbusier.

Now our latest foam is low density foam. This foam can be seen as the worst option for any case, but it really is not, it totally depends on your needs. It is true that denser foams are durable, but low-density foams also have their advantages.

These types of foams generally offer a warmer feel and better temperature regulation. This can be a very important factor for those families who live in hot climates.

3 Types Of Cushions Materials Your Modern Sofa Should Have: Medium-Density Foam (III/VI)

3 Types Of Cushions Materials Your Modern Sofa Should Have: Medium-Density Foam (III/VI)

Note: we always recommend to readers to check the previous article ( high-density foam) in order to enjoy fully the information placed in both.

Right now we have talked about one of the types of foams; the high-density foam which was basically a good quality firm foam that it’s used in LC3 sofa

Now, it’s time to talk about medium-density foam. This is another good quality foam, lower than high-density foam but better than the low-density foam. A piece of furniture with this kind of foam will give you enough support and stability to enjoy your movie nights and receive guests.

This medium-density foam is normally used to build foam mattresses, foam toppers, sofa cushions, ottomans and benches, seat pads, and camping mattresses. So as you can see it not only uses to build modern sofas but also many other types of furniture.

Final thoughts…

What do you think about the medium-density foam? Comment below which kind of foam you have implemented in your furniture pieces and how is the experience with them! 

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3 Types Of Cushions Materials Your Modern Sofa Should Have: High-Density Foam (II/VI)

Note: we always recommend to readers to check the previous article in order to enjoy fully the information placed in both. 

In the last section, we mentioned three types of filling cushions, which are:

  • High-Density Foam.
  • Medium-Density Foam.
  • Low-Density Foam.

Before diving into the types of filling you should have in your modern sofa, it’s important to mention that many upholstery foams are made of polyurethane (a combination of polyol and diisocyanate), so the phrase or term “polyurethane foam” makes reference to various types of foam from high-density to low-density foam.

Now, let’s talk about the first!

As the name refers to, this is a type of firm foam that typically forms the bottom layer of popular memory foam mattresses. It is also a highly resilient foam and is widely used by manufacturers because it provides a long life span due to the strong support it has. Thanks to its density you will not have to worry about acquiring another modern sofa in a long time.

An example of a modern sofa filled with this type of foam is the LC3 sofa by Le Corbusier. 

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3 Types Of Cushions Materials Your Modern Sofa Should Have: Knowing The Foams (I/VI)

When do you think of a good quality modern sofa, which factors came to mind? 

When most people think of a good sofa or any other item, the first thing that might come to mind is the brand. If the brand is known normally the product will be of good quality. But, what happens when you don’t know the brand in the field of the product you want to buy? That is when it is important to know what materials are of good quality.

One of the determining factors that will shape the quality of the sofa is the filling materials of the cushions. Believe it or not, these are of the utmost importance because the comfort you feel when using the sofa and the resistance they have towards all users will depend on the quality of the sofa filling (since you are probably not the only one who uses it).

There are a variety of types of sofa fillings but today we are going to talk about types of foams. 

Foams are one of the most used types of fillers in a modern sofa and are divided into three:

  • High-Density Foam
  • Medium-Density Foam
  • Low-Density Foam

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Home Accents To Complement Your Mid-Century Furniture This Black Friday (II/II)

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Throw pillows are the best way to enhance your Florence Knoll sofa or any other couch 

The Florence Knoll sofa is the perfect symbol of mid-century modern style, so if you have this exact same sofa or any other similar, the following throw pillows can easily complement your layout.

Source: Target.com

Another great way to enhance your home décor, including mid-century furniture, is to add sculptures that are made in the mid-century color palette. We have found good examples of these sculptures that will be great deals on Black Friday. Look at them!

Source: Home Depot

Since it’s fall, those colorful fruits can look perfect on your coffee table!

Our last recommendation will be lamps. This element can never be absent in the decoration of our home, lighting is one of the most important factors that we must take into account when improving our space.

Source: Target.com

Home Accents To Complement Your Mid-Century Furniture This Black Friday (I/II)

Home accents are those items you place around the rooms in order to complement spaces and make them stand out. Home accents add spice and color to the area where is placed, offering you a way to implement character and personality to the house. 

If you already have mid-century furniture like the Florence Knoll armchair style placed in your house don’t feel that you can’t add home accents, quite the opposite, when you have a style already set the best way to improve it is by adding a piece of you! 

That’s when Black Friday takes its part. Black Friday is annually celebrated and it is sawed as an affordable way to acquire those things you wanted for a long time but you perhaps didn’t have according to the budget. Maybe home accents are included in that wished list, that’s why today we decided to show you a few good deals to acquire this Black Friday.

Modern Area Rugs

These are the perfect complement to any sofa! for example, if you have a sofa like the Florence Knoll sofa, these could fit great with it:

Source: Home Depot

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Features Of Mid-Century Style Furniture | Explained With The LC2 (II/II)

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LC2 sofa replica
LC2 sofa replica from Manhattan Home Design

What do you think of the mid-century modern style so far? Pretty impressive, right? But the reasons for its popularity continue.

In addition to the features we already mentioned, MCM furniture is also very adjustable and prominently complements small spaces.

Besides, they are the favorite pieces chosen by real estate agents because due to the use of modern materials they always look updated and combine with large or small spaces. Among all this, with a Le Corbusier sofa or any other mid-century furniture, people tend to decorate the recording sets of the Mad Men series, the stylish and professional vibe they irradiate is another reason why MCM is so popular today.

Now that we have placed almost all features of mid-century furniture, take a look at the perfect example of this kind of pieces: The Le Corbusier LC2 sofa:

Its steel components and luxurious Italian leather upholstery give it a superior elegance that distinguishes it from other furniture in its category.

The cushions are filled with high-quality padded upholstery to guarantee great comfort, designed to be a durable piece with an elegant appearance.

Comment below what do you think of the LC2 sofa cushions!

Features Of Mid-Century Style Furniture | Explained With The LC2 Sofa (I/II)

Mid-century modern or MCM is the style that everyone’s obsessed with, today we are going to show a few features of this amazing style together with one of the most famous pieces of Le Corbusier collection. But first, who was Le Corbusier?

Le Corbusier was a Swiss-French architect, designer, painter, urban planner, writer, and a well-known figure who is credited with many of the advances that were made in modern architecture. His life was dedicated to making the way of life in overpopulated cities better and optimal.

We have chosen the LC2 sofa to explain to you the mid-century modern features because Le Corbusier was a big influence in this movement, so before dive into the Le Corbusier sofa, let’s clarify the MCM characteristics.

Mid-century modern: why is so popular?

The first reason for this is due to its functional gasp and aesthetic appearance. Each detail related to this style is a piece of art, besides the features mentioned also offers clean and sculptural lines, its precise curves captivate everyone’s attention and the materials are continuously upgraded to maintain the contemporary vibe.

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Comfortable, Gorgeous & Simple Are The Main Features Of The Barcelona Ottoman

The Barcelona ottoman is the smallest piece of the Barcelona collection made by Mies van der Rohe, yes! The famous and well-honored German architect and designer from mid-century.

Mies created this beautiful piece influenced in the central element of the entire collection; the Barcelona chair. The Barcelona ottoman has very similar details in comparison with the chair, such as steel details, comfy cushions, full-grain Italian leather, and more.

Being such a desired piece causes this ottoman to be presented in different manners (original and replica) made by different manufacturers. The original manufacturer of the Barcelona ottoman is Knoll company, they have been creating these pieces from a lot of years ago, in fact, they were the first ones in reproducing the Barcelona collection.

On the other hand, we have places like Barcelona Designs that are in charge of reproduces one of the best Barcelona ottoman replicas among all replica’s manufacturers. They offer almost the same quality as an original piece, providing you the features mentioned above.

These features specifically include; Italian Leather, stainless steel frame, and 40 individual panels cut, welted, and tufted by hand.