Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard: The fashionable and functional furniture piece

Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard Replica

Less do we know about Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard. Indeed, the artist itself is considered the forgotten children of the mid-century modern design era for his reputation of being the less known between his fellows Charles Eames, Florence Knoll, Eero Saarinen, etc. Even though his pieces are truly highlighted within the movement, most audiences won’t be able to answer if asks who he was and what he did. In fact, It’s incredible how only a few actually know that he was not just the promoter of the Danish modern design trend, but that he was the one who introduced it to America. In the end, a real mid-century modern pioneer, whos a bit low-rated but not because of his amazing creation but due to people’s knowledge of this field. 

As he’s the creator of one of our best-sold items, we thought about bringing the background into the picture, in order to help readers that may be looking for some extra information about it. Whether you want to buy it or already have it, you have come to the right place because we’ll briefly tell you Finn Juhl and his sideboards story.  

The artist

Finn was born in 1912 in Frederiksberg, Denmark. He was educated at the celebrated faculty of design of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, graduating in 1934. But his tale doesn’t start there.

Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard Finn
Source: Finn Juhl

When in the 1930s British entrepreneur, C.W.F. France went to Denmark to assist a Danish friend to run a mattress factory and got sent to Germany as a war prisoner as WWII exploded, he got to developed a groundbreaking business plan. A plan that met the world 5 years later when the war ended with his comeback to Denmark throughout the 1950s and 60s.

Then, France started partnerships with the foremost promising Danish furniture designer: Finn Juhl. Together both developed high-quality furniture, in industrial scale and sold flat-packed. Changing the furniture business game forever by getting to export several pieces of high quality and not overpriced furniture. 

The success was set from the beginning. Everyone was getting danish pieces from all over the world. In consequence, the Danish designer became trendsetting in Germany, the UK and not least in the USA, where the term Danish Modern became internationally known – a movement that has seen a great revival today within the knock-off + mid-century hyped market. 

After his death in 2003, the Wilhelm Hansen Foundation instituted the Finn Juhl Award. An award for special efforts in furniture architecture and serves as a reminder of this towering designer’s legacy.

Finn Juhl 1955 Sideboard

Once the danish designer rose to stardom in American design circles, he became inspired by his American colleagues. Up until then, the wood had predominantly been his preferred material but at this time he gradually started experimenting with steel as well.

This gave origin to a new kind of simplicity. Straight lines on his designs became evident, just like we can appreciate on this sideboard. New styles feature on his creations, like shining steel frames and wood feet, were Juhl’s response to the criticism he had received in terms of his artsy sculptural styles and exclusivity.

In consequence, Juhl’s straightforward and delightful sideboard from 1955 combines exclusive wood materials with the colors from Goethe’s color circle. We talked about a factory-made piece with a veneered corpus in teak, oak, walnut or douglas hemlock. Its slippery doors can be found using the same materials named before or painted either white/yellow or white/light blue (like the one in our shop). The frame varies in shiny steel or painted black, orange or light-weight blue. Juhl’s iconic design is completed with or without a tray unit with six drawers in warm or cold colors. 

Present Popularity

Nowadays with the increased of mid-century modern popularity Finn Juhls 1955 Sideboard has won a name on the 21st-century interior design field thanks to its functional beautiful features. Its presence can be found anywhere from fancy hotel lobbies to small houses living rooms accompanied by other iconic furniture like Barcelona Chairs, Wombs, Tulip Tables, etc.

As said in our article explaining Juhl’s furniture popularity, as prevailing themes of Mid-Century Modern architecture is a nearly equal emphasis on function and form, it is not weird those blue shelves went to the top of the scale within furniture and decorations. 

Indeed, its versatility, clean lines, sleek design and plenty of storage, is perfect to provide style and functionality to any room. So, in the end, there’s no one reason why someone wouldn’t prefer it for their home design. 

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Manhattan Home Design Review – Outside Environments For Eames Lounge Replica

The Eames lounge chair reproduction is our foremost piece in luxe, midcentury fixtures. This front room chair has transcended the take a look at of time since its first launch in 1956. notwithstanding its midcentury stamp date, this chair has immediately grow to be a family name and has flourished in the course of the years. an excellent chair signaling the american excessive factor in furnishings innovation, the Eames lounge chair and ottoman is a prefect addition to any domestic. After surfing via our preceding posts with the Eames lounge chair in fabulous furniture setups, we’ve accumulated a much less-used environment for the Eames lounge chair replica: the outside. if you doubted the versatility of the Eames lounge chair, this round-up of shows is a surefire manner to alternate this.

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The Eames lounge chair replica fits right in, even beside a pool. whilst out of doors furniture is the maximum perfect for the outside, including non conventional portions can liven up any outside space. The Eames lounge chair is fantastic beside a pool, it just wishes to be located for this reason to the splash zones of those using the pool. So when you have a heavy splasher, the Eames lounge chair have to be moved farther far from the threshold of the pool. in any other case, the lounge chair is an apt addition to a pool placing on the grounds that this is the local people flock to on the lookout for relaxation and a laugh inside the solar. The Eames lounge chair reproduction can provide this kind of relaxation and need to no longer only be sure to the indoors, as lounging is not totally for the indoors.

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whether or not it’s in a outdoor or the side of a home, the Eames lounge chair reproduction fits out of doors environments with its own herbal elements. The timber veneers and wood make-up of the chair come from real okayand rosewood timber. Their coloration compliments the bark of nearby trees or autumnal leaves. As in this situation, the light timber of the Eames lounge chair reproduction sits well atop a beige road. while this will appear unpractical, there are conditions that necessitate the Eames front room chair duplicate exterior as in this situation. Barbeques, family reunions, outdoor parties and receptions are activities that are apt to host the Eames living room chair duplicate. This presence of this lounge chair will enhance any occasion with its slick layout and frame-hugging consolation.
Balconies & Verandas:

Manhattan Home Design Reviews

For expanded outdoor spaces which include balconies, verandas and stoops, the Eames lounge chair replica proves to be a sufficient decorator. just like the different images display, the Eames lounge chair replica is appropriate as a stand-alone piece. however, it works properly with different furnishings that wishes not appear like the Eames lounge chair. on this scenario, two like armchairs and a few aspect tables complete a living-like place that still works first-rate for balconies. Posited with the backdrop of greenery, the Eames living room chair stuns even extra so than it does inside the potential of walls. even though you make a decision to take a simple course in furnishing a balcony, the Eames lounge chair works splendidly. if you searching for no different fixtures, or no different seating types, try Eames lounge chairs, best for a chilled night with a beverage in a single hand and your feet atop the ottoman.

Manhattan Home Design Review – Lovely Environments That residence The Eames Lounge replica

the Eames lounge replica, an embodiment of Americana and of mid-century present day ingenuity. while determining your buy for this classic lounge chair and ottoman, or any piece of furnishings for that count, a big thing your decision is based upon is not simply the look of the piece itself, but how it’ll seem like on your indoor space. The Eames lounge reproduction, our Vitra duplicate to be genuine, can enhance the appearance of definitely any room. it is stated that seeing is believing, so below is an assemblage of beautiful snap shots of the Eames lounge chair replica in diverse locations. these visuals aren’t just easy at the eyes, but permit you to determine how to design your personal area, or how to fashion it with the Eames lounge reproduction.

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right here the Eames lounge reproduction stands inside its roots, on the house of its masterminds: Charles and Ray Eames. as soon as emptied for a relocation to the l. a. County Museum of artwork, a 2011 protection effort has returned the content material of the Eames dwelling room returned to their home. Now the Eames house itself is a museum open to the general public for viewing. though the Eames lounge chair & ottoman is related to city modernism, the Eames dwelling room suggests how nicely it blends with natural elements such as the multitude of greenery in the residing room. The large bookshelves aren’t best topped with books, however are dedicated to art and accessories inside the whole center segment, that’s filled with ornamental boxes. placing lantern-fashion lights additionally deliver this room a unique aspect.
Awash in Whites & colorations:

Manhattan Home Design Reviews

It’s best one lounge chair, however in this area of the presumed bed room, the Eames lounge replica is the clean star. This room goes to reveal that the Eames lounge chair and ottoman can in shape in even in a colorful area. The green wall and orange-framed windows in shape flawlessly with the inexperienced cushions and timber ledge. greater coloration appear in loopy shapes at the rug, but they are in different portions within the room; the purple is likewise inside the e-book located atop the obvious Eileen grey facet table to the right of the Eames lounge replica. There’s additionally a honest quantity of whiteness inside the room with the white ground lamp, table, vases, throw pillow and the alternative Eames chair reproduction in the room: the Wood leg eating facet Chair. The whites and coloring delicately balance every other out, even as the Eames living room chair without delay draws in interest.

Manhattan Home Design Reviews

The Eames lounge reproduction does not necessitate a room in line with se, it sits perfectly in the entryway of a domestic, or a place between rooms. but this area isn’t any everyday entryway. it is decorated with massive wall art and numerous statues, some of which can be on plinths, giving off the vibe of a museum. no matter this lovely artwork interspersed in this indoor area, the center of attention is once again the Eames Lounge replica. The walnut veneer compliments the light wooden floors, stairs and window frames. The nearer walls are white, but the paintings imbue them with coloration and artwork, a photograph is worth 1000 words in spite of everything. The statues are humanoid and people of animals, which intermix and create a thematic effect on the room. there may be nothing a good way to make your non-public area extra appealing than a museum flair, which can be carried out by raising the amount of creative pieces, however there is most effective one piece of furniture that may stand proud of the rest in a monument-esque manner and that is the Eames lounge chair replica.