Choose Strategically Your Modern Furniture & Colors To Create A Pleasent Living Room (I/II)

Get to know why a Togo sofa and neutral color palettes are the best tips you can get!

When you think of the most recurring room in the house, which ones do you think of first? I’m pretty sure most agree that this room is. The living room is the “most public” area that we have in the house, by this I mean that all the guests, whether they are relatives (distant) or friends, interact within this space, unlike a room or kitchen. 

The living room is usually a suitable space for entertaining with your loved ones, an area where all your closest ones gather to hang out. This is why the theme of decorating this space is so important. But don’t panic! If you are in the process of remodeling or decorating your house, it is pertinent that you take the following advice when choosing furniture and color palette. 

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Choose timeless furniture like a Togo sofa 

The Togo sofa is considered a modern piece that has more than 40 years in the market, although it is an old design it keeps looking modern and comfortable, the best feature you can get in a sofa. Thick cushions, aniline leather, and a striking element within any room.

Now, how do you know when a sofa is a timeless piece, and which color palette to use? Click on the link to know more!

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