Clean A Leather Sofa With These Tips: Disinfection (I/II)

Having classic pieces inside your house entails certain additional tasks such as their maintenance. When acquiring a piece such as the Florence Knoll sofa or any other classic furniture icon, you must start early to give it due care and thus achieve a longer useful life.

Today we have compiled certain techniques and very useful tips that will help you own your Florence Knoll sofa or any other classic piece lined with leather that you want to take care of for much longer.

Due to the time of pandemic that we are living in, it is not only important to disinfect our hands but also our surroundings, that is why we will start with the tips for disinfecting a leather sofa such as the Florence Knoll sofa.

Note: Use these suggestions only on leather material, not cloth.

  • Create your own cleaning solution. These can be prepared in different ways, but one of the most effective is to combine water and vinegar in equal parts.
  • Transfer the solution to a bottle.
  • Prepare the sofa by removing the dust, and any particles that are on the surface, with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Using a spray nozzle, spray the solution on the sofa and begin cleaning the dirty areas with a cloth.
  • After cleaning dirty areas, use another dry cloth to clean and finish the procedure.

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