Features Of Mid-Century Style Furniture | Explained With The LC2 (II/II)

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LC2 sofa replica
LC2 sofa replica from Manhattan Home Design

What do you think of the mid-century modern style so far? Pretty impressive, right? But the reasons for its popularity continue.

In addition to the features we already mentioned, MCM furniture is also very adjustable and prominently complements small spaces.

Besides, they are the favorite pieces chosen by real estate agents because due to the use of modern materials they always look updated and combine with large or small spaces. Among all this, with a Le Corbusier sofa or any other mid-century furniture, people tend to decorate the recording sets of the Mad Men series, the stylish and professional vibe they irradiate is another reason why MCM is so popular today.

Now that we have placed almost all features of mid-century furniture, take a look at the perfect example of this kind of pieces: The Le Corbusier LC2 sofa:

Its steel components and luxurious Italian leather upholstery give it a superior elegance that distinguishes it from other furniture in its category.

The cushions are filled with high-quality padded upholstery to guarantee great comfort, designed to be a durable piece with an elegant appearance.

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