Furniture Pieces & Few Considerations For Designing A Minimalist Living Room (I/II)

Get to know the Mario bellini sofa and more tips for minimalist newbies.

Minimalism is the movement that has caused a stir since its inception. This movement is the one that is based on the famous phrase: less is more. In which you must have the minimum necessary to have an optimal and appropriate space for the activities that you are going to carry out in it. If you are interested in the minimalist movement and you are decorating or remodeling your home, this blog is for you! Here we will teach you a couple of basic considerations and furniture examples that will help you quickly achieve the main minimalist objectives. Let us begin!

Choose functional and simple furniture

The furniture that best adapts to minimalist concepts is the one that optimally offers the function of each piece, which means, with only the necessary materials and dimensions. An example of this is the Mario Bellini sofa. This is a quite functional sofa since it offers a modular feature, therefore you can distribute it at your convenience. You could even just place this furniture and it will not be necessary for accent chairs, since its pieces offer optimal seating and space for any type of family.

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