Furniture Pieces & Few Considerations For Designing A Minimalist Living Room (II/II)

In the last blog we talked about one of the best minimalist sofa options; the Mario Bellini sofa and why this is a good candidate. In case you don’t like very eccentric pieces with rounded edges, you could also opt for a more classic and simple leather sofa with straight edges. The sofa we are talking about is the LC3 sofa. An aniline leather sofa that is filled with dense foam, which not only makes it optimal but is also quite comfortable.

 Now, since the suggestion related to the furniture pieces is completed, it is time to talk about the considerations that you should take when decorating. Let’s continue!

You must keep the spaces wide and clean

By this we mean that you should avoid at all costs stacking and accumulating unnecessary objects. Instead,try to give away or sell -in case you are remodeling- objects that you think do not have any function in your house. Remember that minimalism is about as simple and necessary as possible.

Choose neutral or monotonous color palette

These options are best suited for minimalist styles due to the simple, clean look it creates. Opt for colors like white, beige and contrast them with their opposite color. 

Note: The opposite color can only be displayed in accessories, never put a color like black on the walls, this will only make your space look small and dark.

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