Get To Know To Arne Jacobsen & His Chairs Creations | The Egg Chair & More (I/II)

Perhaps 50% of interior designer lovers have seen at least once an Egg chair or any other Arne Jacobsen creation. He was a very iconic designer who made creative and authentic chairs that now you can find at many different places such as living rooms, houses, and more.

Brief history of Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen born in Copenhagen in 1902, he apprenticed as a bricklayer before studying architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of the Arts. In 1925 and participated in the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. This was just the beginning of its achievements, among these we can highlight the following ones:

  • Before World War II, Jacobsen designed a number of buildings in Denmark, while helping formulate Danish Modern style. 
  • He became the most dominant figure in Danish architecture in the ensuing decades. 
  • He began to design furniture, like the iconic Egg Chair, Series 7 Chair and Swan Chair.

So in summary, he was an iconic designer who helped to build what we now know as a Danish furniture, since he was a pioneer, he contributed to establish the fundamentals of this gorgeous style.

Click to know about the Arne Jacobsen’s Egg chair.

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