Home Accents To Complement Your Mid-Century Furniture This Black Friday (II/II)

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Throw pillows are the best way to enhance your Florence Knoll sofa or any other couch 

The Florence Knoll sofa is the perfect symbol of mid-century modern style, so if you have this exact same sofa or any other similar, the following throw pillows can easily complement your layout.

Source: Target.com

Another great way to enhance your home décor, including mid-century furniture, is to add sculptures that are made in the mid-century color palette. We have found good examples of these sculptures that will be great deals on Black Friday. Look at them!

Source: Home Depot

Since it’s fall, those colorful fruits can look perfect on your coffee table!

Our last recommendation will be lamps. This element can never be absent in the decoration of our home, lighting is one of the most important factors that we must take into account when improving our space.

Source: Target.com

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