How To Make Your Room Look Cozier With A Womb Chair & Home Accents (II/II)

If you haven’t read the previous blog we recommend you to do it before dive into this next chapter. In the previous chapter, we talked about why a Womb chair is a great option when you want to make your room look cozier. And now we will show you a few different designs from people from Pinterest. Scroll down and get inspired!

A Womb chair, a lamp, and plants are the perfect trio

Source: Becki Owens

This is a lovely and very modern option to implement cozy accents in your room. The monochromatic color palette, the different textures of the fabric of the chair, and the wood of the ceiling are combined very harmoniously. Also, adding plants to the coffee table is a must! Why? Because with addition of nature, the place and even the air will flow better. You can go for larger plants if you like that eco-friendly environment.

Take a look at this next example:

Source: Domino

This has a larger plant and it looks gorgeous.

Comment below which one was your favorite cozy nook!

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