Modern Furniture And More Suggestions To Make Your Room Look Bigger Than It Is (II/II)

In the previous blog, we talked about one of the first tips that people who own or only live in small places should follow, which was related to the use of functional furniture such as the Togo sofa. Now is the time to continue describing helpful tips that can be easily added to any living room, kitchen, or bedroom. Let’s continue!

Implement multipurpose spaces

This is much easier than you might think it is because you don’t really need a ton of dollars to invest in it, you can find vintage-looking shelves in the markets and place them in strategic areas to use as storage. The key is to put these shelves in places where there is nothing to attract attention. For example, if you have a guest room, you can add a shelf in the empty corners and use it to store books, gadgets, or any other accessories that won’t fit in your personal room.

Add large mirrors near your Togo sofa or the centerpiece

Since the sofa is usually the centerpiece of the living room, adding mirrors close to it can attract the attention of the eyes to the reflection that it makes. In this way people plow into the illusion that there is more space than actually exists. A useful trick right?

Comment below which one was your favorite trick!

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