Modern Sofas That Looks Like Stylish Bean Bags (I/II)

If you don’t know what a bean bag looks like, just watch any 90’s teen movie where the girl or boy sits talking on the phone with their friends lying down in the most comfortable way. Now, if you already know which furniture piece I’m talking about and it gives you a bit of nostalgia perhaps you now want to somehow include them in your living room without stopping the design from being sophisticated, today we bring you a list of sofas that look like giant puffs but retain a modern style and functional structure.

We will start the list with no more and no less than the Togo sofa. This sofa is a piece made by the icon of furniture design: Michael Ducaroy. This design has been in the market for more than forty years and without a doubt it continues to be a desired piece for retro, modern and functional styles. This sofa is upholstered in a very resistant and durable leather called aniline leather. But! It not only comes in this presentation, you can also find it upholstered in fabric.

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