Modular Sofas Are The Best Option Since Modernism Surged | Here Is Why!

Modernism continues to be influential for the reasons it was created and the roots it planted. This movement emerged in 1880 to meet the creative needs of artists and designers of that time, although it was created so long ago and completed in the late 80s, we still keep multiple elements and influences within our interior designs.

The best example of modernist influences is modular sofas. These pieces are just one of the products of this “rebellion” movement, so-called because they wanted to ignore traditions and conservative concepts.

The Mario Bellini sofa presents characteristics related to the concepts of movement because it is built with an unusual curved shape and the particular configurable characteristic of modular pieces is also present in it.

Another of the other representative characteristics of modernism that the Mario Bellini sofa has is the use of natural materials, such as its Merbau wood structure, which also makes it resistant to natural rot.

As you can see it comes in separate pieces, these are the ones that allow its personalized configuration. If you have enough space to implement a modular sofa within your living room, this may be the best option for it!

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