Movies That Can Inspire You To Create Your Modern Layout (I/II)

Movies are often seen as a source of entertainment, but they can also be sources of inspiration! Throughout time we have seen how movies can influence or impact our culture, but they can also influence your interior design!

Today we will show you a short list of masterpieces that have stood out not only for their script, performance of the actors or animation, but they have also proven to be a source of iconic settings where the interior design is the one that acts as the protagonist in many scenes.

From modern sofas to clean lines and structures, it’s just a bit of what can be seen in the following films. Scroll down and start scheduling the day to see them!

Batman v Superman

We all know these two iconic superheroes, but, let’s talk about their insane decor! This is no 

just a superhero movie, it’s also a representation of what modernism and classic furniture mean. This film is the perfect place to get started in the world of modernism and a good arrangement of elements. Here you will find very elegant and sophisticated pieces that evoke a luxurious atmosphere throughout the place. From the iconic LC3 sofa to Mies van der Rohe pieces is just a piece of what you’ll see in this movie.

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