Home Accents To Complement Your Mid-Century Furniture This Black Friday (I/II)

Home accents are those items you place around the rooms in order to complement spaces and make them stand out. Home accents add spice and color to the area where is placed, offering you a way to implement character and personality to the house. 

If you already have mid-century furniture like the Florence Knoll armchair style placed in your house don’t feel that you can’t add home accents, quite the opposite, when you have a style already set the best way to improve it is by adding a piece of you! 

That’s when Black Friday takes its part. Black Friday is annually celebrated and it is sawed as an affordable way to acquire those things you wanted for a long time but you perhaps didn’t have according to the budget. Maybe home accents are included in that wished list, that’s why today we decided to show you a few good deals to acquire this Black Friday.

Modern Area Rugs

These are the perfect complement to any sofa! for example, if you have a sofa like the Florence Knoll sofa, these could fit great with it:

Source: Home Depot

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The Napa Sofa: a Piece That Your Man Cave Deserves

Your man cave is probably defined by earthy colors, pastel tones, and warm hues, and that reflects part of your personality. Or maybe you’re more drawn to cool colors like navy blue and pastel hues. Regardless of your preferred color palette, the interesting thing is that modern sofas like the Napa sofa can look good with just about any color setting. Although the concept of “man cave” is something that has barely become a popular idea in the past, the truth is that it’s currently widely accepted. Now is the most direct way to identify environments with that masculine flair that convey sobriety, elegance, and practic sense.

Your man cave can be a single studio apartment, a conditioned basement for your moments of relaxation, a sunny sunroom with impressive views, or simply a modest and pleasant compartment. In any case, a midcentury sofa can be the ultimate reflection of your personality, and the element that may contribute to greater functionality and comfort of the place. Imagine yourself watching your football games and enjoying your movie nights on the soft texture of a sofa with tan leather upholstery. The warmth and cozy feeling that a modern sofa is capable of transmitting will make you feel that you are in that intimate place that you can call “home” where you can reap many memorable moments.

The Arco Lamp: One Outstanding Piece In Your Tidy Areas

We all really like to admire an orderly, clean and balanced living room, in which masterpieces such as the Arco lamp can shine and leave visitors breathless. However, never let chaos and disaster take over your home. This is a premise that you should never lose sight of. If you fail in your mission of having permanent control over your house so that it’s kept clean and tidy, any effort you can apply to decorate it successfully and find the style that best identifies you, will not help: the disorder will undoubtedly ruin everything. If you have young children at home, the task can in all probability be doubly demanding. However, building rigorous organizational habits is the most valuable method in your favor to keep order and not find any day shoes in the kitchen, work tools in the living, toys everywhere, and clothing even in the least thought of places.

Some furniture is specially designed to help you keep order, such as dressers (available in very robust models with many drawers), and some sideboard models that have numerous compartments. Establishing a specific site for each element of intensive use within the house is the first step to achieve efficient use of spaces without favoring clutter. Remember that a design like the Arco lamp replica by Manhattan Home Design can be easily moved from one place to another in the house by simply crossing a broomstick at its base, and you can always find the perfect spot for it.

Discover the marvelous advantages that an Arco lamp reproduction can mean in any environment of your home.

The Flag Halyard Chair Is The Star Of Your Indoors and Outdoors

The Flag Halyard Chair is one of the most requested pieces in the creation of modern interior design projects. The piece became a transcendental model because it unusually mixes materials to compose a design that stands out for its elegance and comfort, mainly. It’s difficult to find the steel, the flag line, and the sheepskin together in the same product. However, Hans Wegner not only knew how to combine them successfully but also brought out the best of them to generate a result that, to this day, continues to captivate new generations and is still one of the main stars of Mid-Century Modern style.

If you’re wondering exactly what role a chair like this fulfills within a traditional layout, you might be surprised to learn that the Flag Halyard Chair can generally be used as an accent chair or lounging chair indoors and outdoors. The living room, the bedroom, the reading room, or the sunroom are usually the internal areas in which it’s placed. On the other hand, covered terraces, balconies, patios, and gardens are the external areas in which this chair is welcoming and represents a suitable option to enjoy a moment of relaxation. In fact, the beachy shape of a Flag Halyard Chair replica like the one by Manhattan Home Design, very faithful to the original, is because it was conceived during a summer afternoon in which its creator was with his family enjoying a day on the beach.

The Eames Lounge Chair: A Symbol of Premium Taste

In 1956, the US market witnessed the appearance of a product that would further encourage the country’s consumer culture and strengthen the style as one of the most important trends in recent decades. The fabulous Eames Lounge Chair attracted attention for being, among other things, a piece of furniture that invited luxury and maximum enjoyment in a post-war era in which people wanted to enjoy the comforts of life and the good things that the future might bring. Thus, this premium chair became a modern symbol of opulence, especially since, in principle, only a few could have access to it due to its high cost.

Some experts consider the Eames Lounge Chair as the perfect balance between tradition and modernity. That’s not surprising, considering that its creators Charles and Ray Eames were inspired by the design of the classic armchair and put all their efforts to take it to the next level to update it and adapt it to the new demands of the public. The designers of the Eames Lounge Chair paid special attention to details. Tha’s why the ottoman was included so as not to lose the tradition of English armchairs dating back to late 19th century designs by William Morris.

The chair has been in continuous production for the last decades since its introduction and, although the original piece can cost several thousand dollars, there are options such as the Eames Lounge Chair replica from Manhattan Home Design. This Eames Lounge Chair reproduction is virtually identical to the original and is made with good-quality materials. For its creators, the design of this and the rest of their pieces was a way of serving as hosts to respond to the needs of their guests.

Features Of Mid-Century Style Furniture | Explained With The LC2 (II/II)

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LC2 sofa replica
LC2 sofa replica from Manhattan Home Design

What do you think of the mid-century modern style so far? Pretty impressive, right? But the reasons for its popularity continue.

In addition to the features we already mentioned, MCM furniture is also very adjustable and prominently complements small spaces.

Besides, they are the favorite pieces chosen by real estate agents because due to the use of modern materials they always look updated and combine with large or small spaces. Among all this, with a Le Corbusier sofa or any other mid-century furniture, people tend to decorate the recording sets of the Mad Men series, the stylish and professional vibe they irradiate is another reason why MCM is so popular today.

Now that we have placed almost all features of mid-century furniture, take a look at the perfect example of this kind of pieces: The Le Corbusier LC2 sofa:

Its steel components and luxurious Italian leather upholstery give it a superior elegance that distinguishes it from other furniture in its category.

The cushions are filled with high-quality padded upholstery to guarantee great comfort, designed to be a durable piece with an elegant appearance.

Comment below what do you think of the LC2 sofa cushions!

Features Of Mid-Century Style Furniture | Explained With The LC2 Sofa (I/II)

Mid-century modern or MCM is the style that everyone’s obsessed with, today we are going to show a few features of this amazing style together with one of the most famous pieces of Le Corbusier collection. But first, who was Le Corbusier?

Le Corbusier was a Swiss-French architect, designer, painter, urban planner, writer, and a well-known figure who is credited with many of the advances that were made in modern architecture. His life was dedicated to making the way of life in overpopulated cities better and optimal.

We have chosen the LC2 sofa to explain to you the mid-century modern features because Le Corbusier was a big influence in this movement, so before dive into the Le Corbusier sofa, let’s clarify the MCM characteristics.

Mid-century modern: why is so popular?

The first reason for this is due to its functional gasp and aesthetic appearance. Each detail related to this style is a piece of art, besides the features mentioned also offers clean and sculptural lines, its precise curves captivate everyone’s attention and the materials are continuously upgraded to maintain the contemporary vibe.

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The Arco Lamp Is The Element Your Basement Needs

If you have a large basement and you want to take full advantage of it, you’re probably wondering where to start, what would be the most suitable decorating style for it, and what kind of elements you should add. It’s not always easy to decide what to do with a basement but often, the secret is to add an essential piece such as the Arco lamp, place it in the ideal spot and find the perfect coherence of all the elements so that they are unified in a layout that brings out the best in every inch. After all, there are many functions you can give to your basement: it can be a bedroom, a play area, a storage room for old objects, an entertainment room, and much more.

Of course, many people choose to install a kind of secondary living room in their basement. This extension of the main living room can have purely recreational purposes and can become an especially welcoming, more private environment specialized in recreational activities. However, basements have the peculiarity that they are often poorly lit due to their underground location. That’s why an artifact such as the Arco lamp replica can be a more than convenient element for this type of compartment. It’s an artifact capable of projecting a very intense light that can be directed towards the place that is most needed and reinforce the task-based light and accent light.

Besides, the Arco lamp reproduction is a striking design, impossible for any viewer to miss. Get this extraordinary piece from the Castiglioni brothers for your basement, and you’ll bring great benefits to your environment.

A Modern Sofa Is Your First Step To Get an MCM Living Room

Surely, you can’t wait to start transforming your living room, to give it that new style that has fascinated you, but you really don’t know where to start. If you want to transition to Mid-Century Modern style, adding a modern sofa is one of the best and trustworthy ways to do it successfully.

Get the most out of your room. Usually, the best sofas and some other basic elements are quite enough to fill a minimalist modern area. It’s not recommended to have more or fewer elements than you really need. Many people make intensive use of the living room as a multipurpose area, where they spend most of their time while at home and where they have some of their most precious furniture. If this is your case, make sure you don’t have any other elements that end up saturating the place or components that make it less functional.

Midcentury sofa or modern sectional? This is one of those decisions that at first glance might seem simple or easy to define, but that can make a dramatic difference in the final result that your layout will have. If you choose a sofa, make sure it’s MCM style and looks compatible with other furniture. If you choose a sectional, place it in a strategic spot that allows you to fully enjoy its advantages.

With these recommendations, you can successfully and efficiently build your new style to make the interior decorating transition you’ve dreamed of, whether you prefer leather sofas, fabric sofas, or any other outstanding piece.

Comfortable, Gorgeous & Simple Are The Main Features Of The Barcelona Ottoman

The Barcelona ottoman is the smallest piece of the Barcelona collection made by Mies van der Rohe, yes! The famous and well-honored German architect and designer from mid-century.

Mies created this beautiful piece influenced in the central element of the entire collection; the Barcelona chair. The Barcelona ottoman has very similar details in comparison with the chair, such as steel details, comfy cushions, full-grain Italian leather, and more.

Being such a desired piece causes this ottoman to be presented in different manners (original and replica) made by different manufacturers. The original manufacturer of the Barcelona ottoman is Knoll company, they have been creating these pieces from a lot of years ago, in fact, they were the first ones in reproducing the Barcelona collection.

On the other hand, we have places like Barcelona Designs that are in charge of reproduces one of the best Barcelona ottoman replicas among all replica’s manufacturers. They offer almost the same quality as an original piece, providing you the features mentioned above.

These features specifically include; Italian Leather, stainless steel frame, and 40 individual panels cut, welted, and tufted by hand.