Take Your LC2 Chair, A Table & Create Your Reading Corner!

The LC2 Chair can be the partner in your reading corner.

Photography Tim Young, via Image.ie.

A reading corner is that harmonious area created specifically for reading or doing activities that require concentration such as work or, right now during pandemics, Zoom meetings.

This area is essential if you work from home, are a writer, or simply like to read. The good thing about creating this area is that you only need to invest in a good chair. The support, in this case, is the main element that you must include because here you will spend hours of the day, so acquiring an ergonomic chair is the first objective when setting up the site.

If you are willing to spend a considerable amount on your support; in this case, the chair, we want to present you with one of the best ergonomic chairs when it comes to these activities; the LC2 chair.

Photographer William Waldron, via Elle Decor.

This is a model designed by Le Corbusier, totally comfortable and chic. The piece has cushions filled with dense foam, which is one of the best quality foams on the market. In addition, it is covered with a strong aniline leather that is responsible for creating that natural and bright look.

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