The Arco Lamp: an Impressive Christmas Gift

We all want to impress the people we love the most during this very opportune time to express those feelings for others, share without prejudice, and experience very special moments, which also mark the end of the year and point the way to new stages and new beginnings. Among the options we have at our disposal to surprise their tastes and flatter them with an unforgettable material gesture, the Arco lamp is one of those impressive artifacts that can, on many occasions, make the perfect gift and exceed all expectations.

A floor lamp of these characteristics is not only remarkable for its functional but also aesthetic value since it’s a lamp designed by specialists who wanted to innovate and create the perfect fusion between style and function: the Castiglioni brothers. If you think about it carefully, an Arco lamp replica like the one by Manhattan Home Design is the most affordable option in this sense. It’s a very faithful copy of the original piece, which emulates with amazing fidelity each of its details and technical characteristics, including its impressive Carrara marble base, which is a solid marble parallelepiped that gives the lamp a superb elegance, as well as firmness and stability.

The Arco lamp reproduction is the perfect Christmas gift for people who love to read or do manual work in a workshop where they require particularly efficient and comprehensive task-based lighting. The piece can reach up to 95” at the highest point of its imposing stainless steel arch. Choose this Christmas gift and leave an indelible mark on that person you want to honor.

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