The Arco Lamp Can Contribute To The Layered Lighting of Your Home

Each space in a house has its aesthetic and functional characteristics. Each typically focuses on providing seating, surfaces, and sufficient storage. The dining room, for example, is usually the place where the family gathers and where special meals are enjoyed, so it should generally be a well-lit environment with enough potential to offer everything it can give. In this regard, a powerful instrument such as the Arco lamp is perfect for promoting balanced lighting that allows the area to be exploited in all its proportions.

There are three basic layers of light with which any lighting design should be able to provide the necessary resources for each compartment: ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. The Arco lamp replica by Manhattan Home Design is a product so faithful to the one presented by the Castiglioni brothers that it’s capable of wonderfully boosting task lighting, a layer of special relevance for multipurpose areas, such as the living room.

The Arco lamp reproduction is also a prodigious Mid-Century Modern design that, over the years, became one of its most representative pieces. It’s one of its most iconic fixtures, currently present in approximately ten percent of Italian homes. Discover the advantages of having this magnificent design in your house and be surprised by the results.

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