The Arco Lamp Is Capable of Generating an Unforgettable Visual Impact

The Arco lamp is an imposing device that, wherever you look at it, can be convenient for several reasons. It’s a surprisingly useful fixture, designed to cast light where it’s needed most and highlight metallic accents that can enhance the brightness and visual dynamism of an environment. The Castiglioni brothers, its creators, went out of their way to select only the best components to create a memorable masterpiece of great symbolic value and impressive aesthetics. The Arco lamp is compatible with various decorative trends that are still very popular and accepted today, especially the Mid-Century Modern style.

One of these components, and probably the most astonishing, is its impressive solid Carrara marble base, a very special type of marble because it’s the same that’s present in the works of Michelangelo and several architectural works of antiquity. Marble, especially in these dimensions, is not something that can be found in any floor lamp, and one of the reasons why it was selected is because it’s an element extracted directly from nature. Marble is capable of generating a visual impact that other more rustic materials like concrete could never achieve the same way.

Remember that the Manhattan Home Design Arco lamp replica is a very affordable option that you can always consider. Add an Arco Lamp reproduction to your living room, bedroom, or dining room and give it an unforgettable visual impact.

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