The Arco Lamp Is Much More Than a Simple Floor Lamp

The Arco lamp is one of those cool artifacts that can help you decorate a room to make it look great, and it works great according to your taste and needs. Its creators, the Castiglioni brothers, thought very well in every detail not only about the functionality of the lamp itself, but also in other very important aspects such as the ability to mobilize it, its aesthetic value, and the fact that it was quite a novelty as it’s a floor lamp capable of providing overhead light in a very comfortable way. It’s often good to hear what design professionals have to contribute, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be the only source of inspiration and information for you.

Never lose sight of an Arco lamp replica as it’s a product that can be much more affordable than the original piece. An Arco lamp reproduction like the one from Manhattan Home Design is a product that emulates with great fidelity each of the technical and aesthetic aspects of the one that was launched in 1962. With this lamp, you can regulate the intensity of the light and the direction in which you want it to flow, play easier with shades and glossy finishes, and add a stunning piece that will steal the attention of your guests, friends, and family.

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