The Arco Lamp Is The Element Your Basement Needs

If you have a large basement and you want to take full advantage of it, you’re probably wondering where to start, what would be the most suitable decorating style for it, and what kind of elements you should add. It’s not always easy to decide what to do with a basement but often, the secret is to add an essential piece such as the Arco lamp, place it in the ideal spot and find the perfect coherence of all the elements so that they are unified in a layout that brings out the best in every inch. After all, there are many functions you can give to your basement: it can be a bedroom, a play area, a storage room for old objects, an entertainment room, and much more.

Of course, many people choose to install a kind of secondary living room in their basement. This extension of the main living room can have purely recreational purposes and can become an especially welcoming, more private environment specialized in recreational activities. However, basements have the peculiarity that they are often poorly lit due to their underground location. That’s why an artifact such as the Arco lamp replica can be a more than convenient element for this type of compartment. It’s an artifact capable of projecting a very intense light that can be directed towards the place that is most needed and reinforce the task-based light and accent light.

Besides, the Arco lamp reproduction is a striking design, impossible for any viewer to miss. Get this extraordinary piece from the Castiglioni brothers for your basement, and you’ll bring great benefits to your environment.

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