The Asher Bed Is a Work of Art For Your Bedroom

Any time is a good time to stop for a few minutes to reflect on the importance of wood and why it has played such an outstanding role in furniture design’s history. Currently, it’s the main resource in the structure of pleasant and elegant designs like the Asher bed, and many modern beds found in millions of bedrooms around the world. 

Wood is warm, flexible, versatile, conforming to virtually any shape designers wish to give it, even if it’s a sophisticated wood bed frame. As if that weren’t enough, wood is highly resistant, which means that a high-quality modern bed frame can last for several generations, retaining its ideal firmness and stability.

A platform bed frame is usually a long-term investment and the materials from which it’s made will directly determine not only the quality of the product but also its aesthetic style. A model made of metal can be, in proportions, design, dimensions, and details, very similar to a mid-century bed frame made of wood, offering a surprisingly different result.

That is: the materials themselves are part of the piece’s style and everything that its creator wanted to express through it, just in the same way that a sculptor decides to carve his next work in marble and not in wood, or vice versa. Your Asher bed is, to a certain extent and from a certain point of view, a work of art.

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