The Eames Lounge Chair: A Symbol of Premium Taste

In 1956, the US market witnessed the appearance of a product that would further encourage the country’s consumer culture and strengthen the style as one of the most important trends in recent decades. The fabulous Eames Lounge Chair attracted attention for being, among other things, a piece of furniture that invited luxury and maximum enjoyment in a post-war era in which people wanted to enjoy the comforts of life and the good things that the future might bring. Thus, this premium chair became a modern symbol of opulence, especially since, in principle, only a few could have access to it due to its high cost.

Some experts consider the Eames Lounge Chair as the perfect balance between tradition and modernity. That’s not surprising, considering that its creators Charles and Ray Eames were inspired by the design of the classic armchair and put all their efforts to take it to the next level to update it and adapt it to the new demands of the public. The designers of the Eames Lounge Chair paid special attention to details. Tha’s why the ottoman was included so as not to lose the tradition of English armchairs dating back to late 19th century designs by William Morris.

The chair has been in continuous production for the last decades since its introduction and, although the original piece can cost several thousand dollars, there are options such as the Eames Lounge Chair replica from Manhattan Home Design. This Eames Lounge Chair reproduction is virtually identical to the original and is made with good-quality materials. For its creators, the design of this and the rest of their pieces was a way of serving as hosts to respond to the needs of their guests.

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