The Egg Chair: One Of The Most Iconic Danish Pieces

Have you ever heard of the Scandinavian style? This0 style is currently very mentioned in different platforms related to interior design. This style is characterized by being sophisticated, comfortable and really attractive! Due to the great boom that it has had, we have decided to dedicate today’s topic to one of the most important icons that has influenced the reputation that Scandinavian style has today. The piece we are talking about is no more and no less than the Egg chair, created by a Danish designer named Arne Jacobsen.

Arne Jacobsen designed the perfect representation of the furniture of the land for him. The Egg chair has a curvilinear shape, presented in an ergonomic and enveloping way. This piece was first seen in 1958 in the decoration of the famous lobby of the Royal Hotel Copenhagen.

His intentions were to create a chair that goes hand in hand with the straight lines of the building! Determined to respond to his own demands for aesthetics, simplicity of lines and comfort, the artist found the perfect balance in the Egg Chair with irreproachable and simple curves. In this process, he gave life to an egg-shaped piece of furniture whose shell is created around a frame composed of a reinforced foam structure, covered with fabric or leather. Since then, the Egg chair revolutionized the furniture design industry and is considered an icon within Danish design.

An interesting fact is that it can also be seen in different movies such as Zoolander or The Men in Black.

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