The Feng Shui Colors You Should Notice Before Buying Your Modern Sofa (II/II)

In the previous post we talk about what green and blue color mean in the Feng Shui how the Blue Togo sofa can help in creating a “new beginning” vibe, now is time to talk about other popular colors like white and showing examples of white modern pieces such as the Mario Bellini sofa. 

Blue Togo sofa can help in creating a “new beginning” vibe, now

Earthy colors

This palette includes colors like yellow, brown, orange, and even red. If you select this palette is because you need a bit of nurturing and help. Think of these colors as a connection with mother earth, and how it can help you to enhance your roots and help to grow your needs. It can be also seen as a way to let things go, the earth normally receives the waste and transform it into benefits. 


White represents almost the same in many religions and beliefs, white symbolizes purity and precision, it is related to the metal elements and normally evokes a clean and open space. But remember if you select only white the room could look quite boring so remember to match it with some vibrant partner. 

Take a look at this perfect white/gray Mario Bellini sofa:

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