The Flag Halyard Chair: 3 Keys About Its Originality

The Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Chair has long been among the most amazing, recognized, popular, and best-selling modern pieces within the MCM group of designs that gained the most attention during its heyday. One of the greatest attributes of this piece is its originality, and these are three keys that explain it further:

  1. Its sheepskin cover. This is an element that you won’t find in all chairs similar to this one. The Australian sheepskin covering the back and seat was strategically added to provide a more soft feel.
  2. Its flag line. How the flag line is woven to form the seat and the backrest is inspired by the freshness and relaxation that beach chairs offer. Even the closest knock-offs, such as the Flag Halyard Chair reproduction by Manhattan Home Design, faithfully emulate the woven.
  3. Its stainless steel structure. Its firm steel frame with a sloping backrest and a soft leather upholstered cushion that supports the head make this chair suitable for both indoors and outdoors. This is a type of aesthetic and functional versatility that users would like to find in many other modern chairs, but only a few can provide.

These three keys try to explain why a Flag Halyard Chair replica is such a striking and unusual product. If you still have doubts, the best way to check it is by allowing it to be part of your spaces at home and put it to the test of its benefits.

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