The Flag Halyard Chair Is The Star Of Your Indoors and Outdoors

The Flag Halyard Chair is one of the most requested pieces in the creation of modern interior design projects. The piece became a transcendental model because it unusually mixes materials to compose a design that stands out for its elegance and comfort, mainly. It’s difficult to find the steel, the flag line, and the sheepskin together in the same product. However, Hans Wegner not only knew how to combine them successfully but also brought out the best of them to generate a result that, to this day, continues to captivate new generations and is still one of the main stars of Mid-Century Modern style.

If you’re wondering exactly what role a chair like this fulfills within a traditional layout, you might be surprised to learn that the Flag Halyard Chair can generally be used as an accent chair or lounging chair indoors and outdoors. The living room, the bedroom, the reading room, or the sunroom are usually the internal areas in which it’s placed. On the other hand, covered terraces, balconies, patios, and gardens are the external areas in which this chair is welcoming and represents a suitable option to enjoy a moment of relaxation. In fact, the beachy shape of a Flag Halyard Chair replica like the one by Manhattan Home Design, very faithful to the original, is because it was conceived during a summer afternoon in which its creator was with his family enjoying a day on the beach.

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