The Flag Halyard Chair: Three Secrets About Its Greatness

The Flag Halyard Chair is one of those amazing pieces that stuck in the public’s memory and earned applause and sustained recognition through many decades. Currently, it’s one of the icons of the Mid-Century Modern style, and these are three secrets of its greatness:

  1. Its originality. The Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Chair not only represented a before and after in the chairs catalog of its creator, the Danish Hans Wegner but also represented a model that broke patterns and schemes, mainly thanks to the implementation of unusual materials assembled greatly.
  2. The user experience. Using this seat represents a pleasant and welcoming experience. That’s precisely one of the reasons for its notoriety. Even a Flag Halyard Chair replica like the one from Manhattan Home Design can perfectly emulate this experience.
  3. Its sheepskin cover. Any Flag Halyard Chair reproduction will include a sheepskin cover in its structure; otherwise, it wouldn’t be a worthy representation of the ingenuity of its creator and all that he put of him in this work. The chair is known for this detail that’s both of great aesthetic and functional value and is what makes it stand out from other models in the same category.

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