The Napa Sofa: Why Is Its Upholstery So Special?

The Napa sofa represents the purest expression of MCM that lovers of this trend adore. One of its greatest appealing factors is, undoubtedly, its quite elegant tanned leather finish. Although there are many imitations of leather or other synthetic upholsteries and not all can offer the same characteristics, there are very valid and convenient variations or imitations that can be very useful for those who want to try something different.

Due to its great versatility, it’s possible to find leather in chairs, wall coverings, curtains, and as an important component of certain furniture models, such as this midcentury sofa. This makes it easy to integrate, to a greater or lesser extent, to practically any decorating style in any area.

Another great advantage of this upholstery is that it doesn’t require very extensive maintenance. It’s a very suitable material for spaces with an intense level of activity and daily use and environments where people carry on a very active lifestyle.

To clean a modern sofa with a leather surface, a clean cloth is usually enough to remove dust and liquid residues, without the need to add special solvents or making additional investment in special treatments to keep it in good condition.
Besides, many types of leather finishes are classified according to their quantity of pigments, binders, and additional additives: aniline, semi-aniline, pigmented, protein, thermoplastic, patent, suede, etc. Each one looks unique and has different applications depending on the style and type of design in which it will be applied.

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