The Noguchi Table Is a Sample of Isamu Noguchi’s Magic

The Noguchi table is not the only work for which Isamu Noguchi (1904 – 1988), a very famous Japanese-American from the mid-1950s, was recognized. Some of his other most acclaimed works include the Moerenuma Park in Sapporo Japan, the sets for modern dancer Martha Graham, the gardens for IBM headquarters, and Bayfront Park in Miami, as well as lamps and furniture destined to be mass-produced. His life was impressive from every point of view, and his legacy is considered a remarkable contribution to the world of architecture and design. Isamu knew how to combine all kinds of materials to produce works that mixed art and function at the same time, notable for their originality and how they broke schemes.

The fame of many Isamu Noguchi’s pieces prevailed for several decades until today, and it’s for this reason that some stores such as Manhattan Home Design sell very faithful replicas of the original product at a much lower price. The Noguchi table replica includes its respective nineteen-millimeter thick tempered glass surface, which provides great structural support and strength. Besides, the interesting hand-carved wood biomorphic base is shown replicated with great fidelity. This base is offered in different colors to adapt to the color scheme of the environment where the table will be used. It’s a seamless piece where the glass lid itself secure all the components.

Integrate a Noguchi table reproduction into your layout and give your living room a touch of modern magic by Isamu Noguchi.

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