The Noguchi Table Is an Ideal Example of Biomorphism For Your Layout

If you look for examples of biomorphism on the Internet, the Noguchi table will be, for sure, among the main results. Biomorphism is one of the oldest aesthetic and artistic trends in human history. However, it wasn’t known by that name until almost the middle of the twentieth century, when the British poet Geoffrey Grigson and later Alfred H. Barr coined it in 1936. Its concept is based on the design of physical objects whose characteristics emulate structures and shapes of organisms present in nature. This makes it a very attractive trend as it has spawned a whole constellation of diverse designs that are part of this movement and have been making it popular over the decades.

Since the origin of humanity, the first men were inspired by the designs of nature to create their first objects, weapons, and crafts. Later, this would be a constant in almost all manifestations of design. It’s well known that even Leonardo Da Vinci used biomorphic designs as inspiration to develop the plans of his machines. Just as primitive men managed to get inspiration from these models, the great designers of the Mid-Century Modern style also managed to give these aesthetics to many of their most important creations, always taking the features of the organic as a source of inspiration.

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