The Noguchi Table: Why Is This Chair Considered a Sculpture?

One of the reasons why the Noguchi table is considered a work of art is due to its curved and smooth lines, its original proposal that broke patterns at the time, and is still very attractive today. But above all, the most acclaimed and recognized component of this design is undoubtedly its amazing hand-carved wooden base, considered a sculptural piece. The style of this base contains distinctive features of the general work of its creator, Isamu Noguchi. The works of this Japanese-American artist and designer are distinguished by their biomorphism and elegance. Biomorphism is, in a nutshell, how artists emulate the lines, silhouettes, structures, and geometric shapes present in most living things.

For this reason, when a Noguchi table is added to a layout, this piece usually becomes immediately a very high-value focal point. It’s not strange: it’s an atypical, bold table that generates a lot of visual interest and looks amazingly good from any angle. Besides, the companies that manufacture it usually include different base color options in their catalogs, so that the user can choose the shade that’s most compatible with the color scheme in their area.

The Noguchi table is a sure bet of style and good taste, and one of the most emblematic models of the MCM. Add it to your layout and have a work of art in the center of your room.

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