The Shell Chair Is Considered An Icon Within Danish Style

Danish design has made a great impact, not only within the world of furniture but also in architecture, interiors and more fields worldwide. This design is full of authentic features such as curved finishes that make it recognizable at first glance.

Today there are several illustrious Danish designers of the 20th century, such as Hans J Wegner, who have contributed to and influenced Danish design concepts. This particular designer was commissioned to create the iconic Shell chair, which is considered the epitome of organic modernism.

But why did this chair become so iconic? This design captivated many looks and drew great criticism due to its unusual 3 legs which were featured as a revolutionary concept at the Cabinet Makers Guild Furniture Exhibition in 1963. The sculptural shape of the Shell chair is the epitome of minimalist expressionism and exemplifies both. Danish modernism as well as organic modernism.

So this new concept, together with the skills that Hans J Wegner had, were responsible for turning his works into acclaimed and iconic pieces. They have been so adored, that even after many years, this particular piece is still in production.

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