The Shell Chair: Its Interesting History & Few Facts

Today we will tell you a little about the Danish design that has become more popular in recent years; the Shell chair.

The Shell chair is a chair that intrigues from the first instance due to its authentic appeal. This three-legged beauty, believe it or not, took more than 35 years to be truly appreciated as it was a revolutionary design and could not be seen as normal.

Brief background

Hans Wegner was the creator of this fantastic piece that was introduced in 1963 but was formally introduced in 1948. This design was something to talk about due to its innovative way of molding from plywood.

The three-legged Shell chair officially debuted at a Danish furniture exhibition in 1963. An interesting fact is that its futuristic and avant-garde structure did not appeal to the public despite the fact that critics loved it. Mass production stopped!

Years later, according to Merchant & Makers, in 1997 a few Shell chairs were auctioned at Sotheby’s, London, for £ 20,000. The story changed drastically! Returning to production, he enjoyed a breakthrough in the design industry.


The shape of the Shell chair is ascetic, yet elegant and striking. The floating features and lightness made it popular within Sacndivian design. It has plywood accents and cushions made of leather.

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