The Togo Sofa: The Michel Ducaroy Piece That Adapts To Traditional & Contemporary

Swipe down and meet one of the sofas with the thickest cushions of all time!

The Togo sofa is made by the iconic designer Frances Michel Ducaroy who studied at the Lyon School of Fine Arts and later joined the family business specialized in the production of contemporary furniture, contributing with different theories and modeling of modern furniture.

Ducaroy created this modern sofa for the purpose of versatility, allowing it to adapt to the contemporary and the traditional.

The Togo sofa is focused on providing comfort and a different look to the usual sofas. Its brutal thick cushions are responsible for providing you with the maximum comfort that a sofa can give. In addition, its informal and ergonomic structure gives it a special appearance, suitable for movie afternoons or meetings with friends and family.

The Togo sofa cushions are filled with multi-density and padded covers that provide the user with a soft but resistant experience. In addition, it is lined with one of the best leathers on the market, aniline leather, which feels warm and soft to the touch.

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