The Tulip Table: a Legend of The Mid-Century Modern Style

It’s amazing how Eero Saarinen’s Tulip table is more popular and coveted today than it ever was before. Although it was more than half a century ago (1956) that this wonderful creation was presented to the world and went out to conquer the furniture design markets, the passage of time has only enshrined it as one of the most iconic and representative designs of the Mid-Century Modern style. The Tulip collection would be one of the most influential in the world of furniture design and would lay the aesthetic foundations of the style that, during those decades, was experiencing its fullest peak and its highest peak of popularity: Modernism.

Some other pieces in this group of products, such as the Tulip Chair, Tulip Armchair, and Tulip Stool, are part of the range of creations that radically transformed the traditional conception of the design of pieces within their categories. In them, the legs were eliminated to present a very different way of support. For Saarinen, it was surprising that he was the pioneer in this trend by presenting this proposal as something innovative, that no other designer before him had approached with such emphasis. Some very faithful knock-offs of the table, such as the Tulip table replica by Manhattan Home Design, imitate its characteristics with great fidelity. The Tulip table reproduction is the ideal element for minimalist environments, based on a simple, practical aesthetic, in which functional furniture predominates.

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