The Tulip Table: a Resistant and Elegant Piece

The Tulip table is one of the most solid and attractive pieces of furniture that you can find in the entire catalog of the Mid-Century Modern style celebrated products. In fact, many people think that when talking about the Tulip table, only one particular model is being mentioned when the truth is that many different models bear that name because their designs are based on the same structure with a conical base, clearly biomorphic, which became its most attractive defining feature.

It’s a versatile piece, which has served as inspiration for many other similar models in which its creators wanted to reflect directly or indirectly the brilliant ingenuity of its author: Eero Saarinen.

Although there are many similar designs, a Tulip table replica like the one from Manhattan Home Design is perfect for different types of modern environments, considering that they’re affordable pieces that emulate the characteristics of the original with amazing fidelity.

In fact, there’s also the black Tulip table, perfect for environments decorated with a dark color scheme or to function as an accent tone in areas with light tones. They are products made of cast aluminum, with coatings of various types. Its structure consists of a single piece. That is, you won’t find in them the multiple typical seams of a design in which its different parts have been assembled.

As with any other piece of furniture, users have always seen in this design a source of great quality, style, and originality since it was launched on the market in 1957. There are some models in which even natural materials such as granite or Arab marble-clad.

In addition to all of the above, the table boasts numerous aesthetic details such as sharp edges, gently curved lines, admirable symmetry, and stability. Discover why the Tulip table continues to reign among the products of its category even after so many decades.

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