The Tulip Table: a Seal of Originality and Good Taste

You may have discovered the practically endless range of possibilities that you can find when you decide to add a coffee table or accent table to your floor plan. The options are so different that they’re astonishing and, in fact, it’s one of the most diverse categories in the world of furniture design.

Modern catalogs tend to innovate in terms of technical and aesthetic characteristics, but the Tulip table, for example, has reigned for many years as one of the most original, valuable, and interesting creations within the Mid-Century Modern style.

It’s important to clarify that even the term “Tulip table” doesn’t refer only to a particular model but to a whole collection of tables that have in common a biomorphic structure lacking the usual four legs, in which a conical base is what supports the top.

This surface can be oval, round, rectangular, or square, and it can even be made of different types of materials such as wood, marble, etc. The collection even includes pieces like the black Tulip table, a model that can work remarkably well for adding accent tones in settings with light color palettes.

Some online stores, such as Manhattan Home Design, include the Tulip table replica in its different versions and modalities. The models are manufactured in different sizes and heights so that each person can find the one that best suits their living room, dining room, or even outdoor area to provide the definitive stamp of originality and good taste.

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