Three Materials That Make the Eames Lounge Chair a Premium Product

The reasons why you should have an Eames Lounge Chair in any indoor or outdoor of your home or office are innumerable. However, these three materials that make it up will show you why it’s considered a first-class product:

  1. Leather. One of the most attractive aspects of the chair is its finish. Leather has always had a connotation of strength, elegance, sophistication, resistance, and durability. In the case of the Eames Lounge Chair, it’s no different since only the contact of its flexible and soft upholstery with your body will make you feel very comfortable.
  2. Memory Foam. This padding, present in the seats and back of this masterpiece, is one of the definitive synthetic materials in the world of furniture design. This type of foam, which has the precise density and texture, gradually adjusts to the shape of your body to make the experience of using the chair even more personalized and ergonomic.
  3. Wood veneers. The walnut veneers that support each module of the structure are also present in models such as the Eames Lounge Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design. These veneers not only function as the skeleton of the structure to give shape and firmness to each of its parts but also have a very elegant appearance that cannot be ignored. The techniques used by Charles and Ray Eames to mold plywood to the curved shapes that they specifically designed were innovative and still look remarkably good in modern contexts.

You can discover the secrets of an Eames Lounge Chair reproduction in terms of efficiency and aesthetics from the moment you make it part of your life. A piece in which these materials have the perfect harmony and combination is, by definition, a high-end product.

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